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Kaiyodo: Amazing Yamaguchi My Hero Academia All Might Video Review and Quick Pics


When it comes to My Hero Academia it’s definitely a case of “Oh, the toys look cool, I wonder what the show is like?” And although it was a rough start, once I got into it, I got into it. The use of superpowers and the interactions is all so interesting. Sure, there’s slow parts, but it kicks into high gear more often than not.

All Might isn’t the focus of the show but he is the inspiration for the main character. He’s the ultimate purveyor of justice. The numero uno. The most popular hero in a world full of heroes. And while McFarlane’s offering was okay we were still waiting for a better version to better represent that awesome presence from the show. The Amazing Yamaguchi All Might is that better representation but it’s not perfect.

The Revoltech joints continue to evolve, becoming easier to manipulate and looking less marionette, but Kaiyodo needs to pick a formula and stick with it. It seems every release is different in some way. They get better in some aspects, worse in others, or flip flop back and forth. That does no favors for those who don’t care for the articulation scheme in the first place. But, for those of you who know, All Might is no Venom. That should give you an idea of what we’re dealing with here.

The sculpt and proportions comes across as powerful, like the plastic just busting at the seams to be posed. It’s like a rubber band. In some stances it just looks ready to explode and then you can change it to do just that. It’s dynamic as all hell and the optional heads with multiple different eye swaps give you all the looks you could imagine. Although two of the heads are the same besides a painted sweat drop, and the other two are identical except for some blood dripping from the corner of the mouth. But, still unmistakably All Might.

The word bubbles are cool, and I can see the uses for the movement effect, but if I had my way I’d do away with the peg holes on the feet and forearms and do away with the extras. They don’t do much for me.

So basically, if you already had your mind made up with the Amazing Yamaguchi line one way or another, this isn’t going to do much to sway you either way. If you hate the line, the aspects you hate are probably still there. If you enjoy the series, that’s all still there for you. But as a My Hero Academia fan, this is a must-have companion piece to the excellent Revoltech Midoriya. At least until figma steps up to the plate.




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