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Hasbro: Ghostbusters Plasma Series Tully’s Terrible Night

My Pulse-Con exclusives have been shipping this week, so today we’re going to take a look at the Plasma Series exclusive Luis Tully and Terror Dog set from Ghostbusters. Louis is a highlight of those movies to me, so I was glad to see him get another figure. Let’s take a look!

Since it’s a con exclusive, the packaging is slightly more elaborate than the usual figure. This set has an outer sleeve that slides off and the inside box has a big window that shows a neat little scene of Louis being chased by a Terror dog.

I really like the photograph on the back side and I think my favorite feature of the packaging is that the left side drawing of a relaxed partying Louis changes to quite a different scene when you slid the sleeve up.

The set comes with Louis, the helmet he wears when Egon examines him, and a Terror Dog.

The dog is the same one as the build-a-figure Terror Dog from the first wave of the Plasma Series. Now I’ve always heard that the two dogs have different horns, and while it’s not something I ever noted in the film, it seems to me like they should have made the head on this one a little different.

The dog has decent articulation with a nice barbell ball-and socket joint that allows for a good range of motion at the head. There are swivel/hinges at the front legs where they connect to the body, the knees, and ankles, and on the back dog-leg and ankle. The back legs swivel where they connect to the body and I think I would have liked a swivel/hinge there and also for the back knee.

The Colander helmet has a good amount of paint and detail and slides easily over the head and though the chin strap is a little loose it stays on there fine.

I really like the sculpting on Louis. The facial features are a bit exaggerated, but I feel like they captured Moranis really well. The glasses are similar to Egon’s in the plasma series in that they are part of the head, so there is some oddness when viewed from the side. The body is appropriately smaller than the other figures in the line and has most of the same articulations with:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Swivel thighs and waist
  • Double hinged knees
  • Barbell ball-jointed neck

The neck has a great range of motion, but I really wish the waist was ball jointed to get some tilt and crunch action. A straight waist swivel with no ab movement in this day and age of figures is kind of primitive.

At a little under 5.5 inches, he scales great with the rest of the Plasma series. His paint is pretty solid, if unexceptional, though I do really like the face printing job they did here, but I do miss the shiny stripes for his shirt that the Mattel version sported. The face does have the red eyes, so he’s really more of a post-possession Louis.

Overall Louis is an improvement on my old Mattycollector version and I’m glad to add another Terror Dog to the collection, though the fifty dollar price tag feels a little steep to me.