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Hasbro Pulsecon 2020 Marvel Legends and GI Joe Classified Reactions

It wasn’t SDCC, but Hasbro’s Pulsecon unloaded a decent amount of reveals directly into our faceholes. There were surprises, frustrations and furrowed brows—so basically exactly like a mini-SDCC. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights along with a few that aren’t quite so high.

First up, let’s take a look at the handful of reveals from G.I. Joe: Classified Series. If we’re going to jump into this let’s get something out o the way first:


Yeah, if that wasn’t enough of a hint, I wasn’t even at the computer for the Firefly and Viper release, so they join Baroness and the CI Cobra Trooper in the “toys Target doesn’t want me to have” list. I know the Target releases are dependent on a lot of factors and behind-the-scenes machinations, but they are the worst thing to happen to toy collecting and I want it to stop right now.

On the plus side I was able to preorder Zartan and as many Cobra Troopers as I wanted elsewhere, so there is that.

But to answer the question few are asking: How do I feel about the figures?

Well, The Cobra Trooper is a slightly stripped down version of the CI one, so that is good news. It kind of takes the sting out of not having the Baroness. PS, I don’t have the Baroness, someone help a brother out.

Zartan is an excellent update to the original figure. Sure, it has some design elements that I feel don’t need to be on the figure, but I’m growing more and more used to feeling that way with these figures, and in this case it doesn’t affect my opinion in a negative way. I don’t really care about the hand or the snake thing, and I think I’m removing that neckerchief as soon as I get him, but otherwise he looks great and I’m looking forward to getting him just as much as I was Destro. Also his color changes, so that punches my nostalgia bone pretty hard.

The Viper is another good update. I need a lot of him, but…again, Target, so we’ll see what happens.

Now on to Firefly. I like the head. The expressions is…expressive. Even though you only see eyes, they’re good eyes. I’m neutral on the “singed” aspect. The body—much of which is reuse from other figures, it looks like—is fine. But I absolutely hate that bomb-disposal jacket thing. It’s too bulky, and frankly it’s uncharacteristic. Firefly isn’t someone who’s going to worry about overdressing for the situation and slapping armor all over the place.

He’s a professional.

He doesn’t get caught in his own blast.

That’s the other guy’s problem.

Also, the asymmetrical shoulder-armor stuff has got to go. Any shoulder armor needs to go, actually.

So yeah, Zartan is an excellent update and I’m going to be happy to add him to the collection, so I’m glad he’s easy to get, while Firefly just doesn’t work or me outside of head and color scheme.

The crazy thing about toy collecting is I’m still annoyed I didn’t get to preorder Firefly and I’ll still try to get him if I can once he’s out. Most likely to see if I can remove that overlay and get him closer to—and I can’t believe I’m about to say this—looking like the Fornite havoc.

You know, because when the line first came out and people were all “It’s GI Fortnite” and now the Fortnite “Havoc” figure is more Firefly than…

I’m overexplaining again.

Let’s move on to Marvel Legends.

I’m not sure I’m going to ever play that new Avengers video game, but I am genuinely thankful it exists, because it is some kind of action figure gift that keeps on giving. The first wave delivered unto us some game figures and some much need comic figures, and this second wave is doing the exact same.


Seriously, Jocasta.

I am going to take Jocasta’s appearance in the line as an unspoken and not legally binding contract that classic Ultron has to be coming.

You know, I don’t have the Gamerverse Captain America from the first wave yet since you didn’t need it or a BAF part, but this stealth version of the same thing actually makes me want to pick it up. I think I like “regular version/stealth version” dichotomies or something. I’ve never had an issue with the Cap figure outside of it not being necessary to my collection in a strict sense, but…yeah, something about the stealthy version is making me want it. Toys don’t make no damned sense.

Iron Man in red and gold (or yellow) is always going to be my default preference, but I will admit to loving when a different palette makes an appearance, so this blue and silver really tickles my diggler. And the good thing about Iron Man armor is that it all fits. Armor is that thing Tony does, so there’s no real “non-canon” armor excuse.

Kang is a much needed redo and he looks great. It really hits my “Secret Wars” buttons. I had never run across the character before that comic and toyline, so I always connect the two. Plus I just watched Avengers:EMH for the first time recently and he was a complete badass in it so his inclusion in this wave synchs up nicely.

I will admit to wanting classic Falcon first and foremost, but I do like this costume quite a bit, so it’s not that huge of a bummer. Plus I can see Hasbro putting out a classic one before too long, maybe in a retro wave, because that seems to be their current MO. Anything is better than the big shoulder balls of the TB era.

Eric Masterson’s journey from Thor to Thunderstrike was a fun one, and one of these oddball wave is a great place to slide him in. I’m not totally sold on the perma-scream head—a second head or just a neutral one would have been better. I didn’t quite agree with the “he screams because it’s the 90s” reasoning. My first thought is just to feel like the character needs to calm down a bit. Everything’s going to be ok. Go play with your hammer.

Like I said earlier: Jocasta. I love redoes, but I extra special triple love with cherries on top when we get brand new characters, and Jocasta is one of those “first read about when I was a wee kid so I have some deep nostalgia for” type of characters. You know, like with that other robot guy that would go perfectly with her.

Joe Fixit is another variation on the Hulk that I love because it’s just so completely different from everything that came before. He was smart, dumb, savage, mindless, and all things in between, but he had never been suit-wearing muscle before. Peter David did some amazing work with Hulk as a mob enforcer, and getting a fully suited up Hulk is so perfect. I guess that’s a greenish gray? He looks greenish, despite the fact that he should be a little grayer. It’s kind of like the recent She-Hulk gray, which was greenish. I think he should be more of a blue-gray like the regular gray hulk, but it might be the lighting. I’m not sure. All I know is that I need him in a tux with a Logan in a tux also.

This is already running long, so I’ll speed things up a bit. The Spider-verse stuff looks accurate, even though it’s not something I felt like I needed. Spider-ham is another disappointingly articulated take on the character. Hand Ninjas are awesome because ninjas are awesome, but Stilt Man is probably the figure to beat of the decade. I’m in a mild state of shock that we’re actually getting a Stilt Man. He always felt firmly in the category of “wouldn’t it be great to get this character we’re never going to get?”

What a world.

Bad Guys! Arcade looks great, and we’re finally!!! getting a classic Dormammu. I wasn’t holding out any real hope for a classic version after the previous modern one, so I’m glad to be wrong. I can’t wait to see what other bad guys make it into this wave.

I have Gambit and Rogue, but those are good for anyone missing them. I don’t have the issues with Rogue that people seem to be having, but she’s never been top-tier importance to me. She’s kind of like Psylocke in that “as long as she exists in figure form and isn’t turbo-ugly it’s fine.”

Moira, Charles and Magneto are the definite trifecta of the HOX/POX stuff. I haven’t been quite so blown away by the storyline as others, but I think Hickman just isn’t the writer to really “blow me away” but moreso kind of nod and admit to admiring some cleverness here and there. It feels odd to be getting a Moira since she’s always been a little in the background for most of X-history but newfound prominence pays off.

Silver yet kind of Black Surfer is from a story that didn’t really do much for me, but I don’t mind the aesthetic so I’ll pick it up while wishing it was Firelord or something.

And then there’s classic Thanos. I have the Marvel Select figure, but it has never ever been an acceptably-sized Thanos for Marvel Legends, and less so as time has stretched on. I have the more recent Thanoseseses, and even the excellent modern Thanos from Diamond Select, but I have needed that classic Thanos itch to be scratched. Finally, a classic Thanos makes it into the line. If I had to mutter a minor complaint,, I would rather he be on a stockier, slightly shorter body to truly get across the proportions of his Infinity Gauntlet days. But I am temporarily blinded by the fact that a classic Thanos is finally making it out to let that be too big of an issue.

And finally (finally!) a figure I didn’t even see getting revealed until after the whole thing was over: Firestar. Another neverdone figure that is finally getting Legended. Legendized. Legendated. One of those. The Spider-friends vibes are strong. The collar might be a bit too much collar—I wouldn’t mind if it were decollared just a bit—but otherwise a welcome addition.

I think that’s it!