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Medicom: MAFEX DC SHAZAM! Review

That’s a lot of capital letters in the title…

I’ll be honest, I pre-ordered this figure before I even cared to watch the movie. Then I never made it to the theater, or picked it up when it released to Blu-ray or digital. And it’s not that I didn’t want to see it, I just never really thought about it until one night we were looking for something and remembered it even existed. And it ended up being a fun movie.

That made me glad I pre-ordered the SHAZAM figure.

Then I got it, and I was even happier. The likeness is fantastic for the most part. You can see the pixels from the face printing if you’re right up on it, but it’s not noticeable at normal distance. Like most instances of the tech, really. The proportions are great, mimicking the “Is that a padded body suit or did Zachary Levi get jacked?” look from the film. The colors are good although I’d like to see the yellow chest bolt spruced up a bit. Accessories all work well, especially the swappable chest piece for the lightning strike. And the articulation is all useful and has lots of range…

…except the shoulders. Those dang shoulders.

For some reason Medicom like to trip themselves up every other figure, if not more often. I love the figures but there is always something to bring it down a couple of notches. And in most cases, I don’t really mind. I LIKE figuring out how to fix issues, like Wolverine’s biceps or Cyclops’ high belt. But when something is over-engineered and not easily fixed without a major overhaul, that’s no good. And it’s not like these shoulders make it unmanageable. It doesn’t make it impossible to pose. The individual components (butterfly cup that pops out, to a ball joint that’s too short, to the shoulder that crashes into the butterfly to keep it from raising out and up all the way) just makes it a lot more work with a little frustration.

Otherwise, the figure kicks ass.