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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Target Exclusive Deadly Origins Black Widow Review

To say that we are living in strange times is an understatement indeed. With the COVID-19 pandemic being a part of every single conversation as we shelter in place, the US (at least) is still grappling with the fact that the worst of it is still likely to come. So, as we stay home, looking for an enjoyable distraction of any kind suddenly becomes a major priority. Fortunately, new toy releases seem to be keeping somewhat on track (at least for now), even in shadow of the movies, TV shows, and comic books they support being delayed indefinitely due to the circumstances. So, maybe it is oddly appropriate that Target is now shipping their exclusive Black Widow figure dressed all in white. A different look for different times. 

Originally, the timing of this figure was going to be perfect as the release of the much-anticipated Black Widow movie was originally planned for May. However, it has been delayed for release, and other movies have been following suit, including a large portion of the summer blockbuster slate. Hasbro is having to adjust and decide what product will be shipping as scheduled, and what might be delayed, so expect some future unknowns around things like their just-announced Ghostbusters line, and others. So, be patient as a collector this year, we will get through this, and our collections will eventually get caught up, and we will rejoice with cool toys.

So, a new comic-based Black Widow has found its way into my collection in the form of this “Deadly Origin” figure, and in true “strange days” fashion, Black Widow is dressed all in white. Yes, I know there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this from both the comics and movie, but it still makes me chuckle (like the grey version did back in the day) to see Nat in anything other than her classic black outfit. That is a good thing, though, as it provides some cool variation for the character, and an all-black suit isn’t going to do you a lick of good if you are trying to hide out in the snow, or in some… salt factory, I guess. Either way, I find this figure more interesting than I thought I would, so I definitely take that as a win.

For being such a stark contrast in color, the form of the outfit on this figure is 100% classic, and follows the classic footprint of the “vintage” figure released last year very well. The iconic belt and bracers are there, but this is NOT just a repaint of the standard plain female base like the vintage-style figure. This figure features the open collar and has some material details in the legs that make me want a repaint of this figure in black now. Funny how that works. Honestly, aside from it being white, I think I like this costume the best for a truly classic BW look over anything else we have gotten for the character in Legends. I will say that the chest piece doesn’t fit in perfectly on this figure, so I wish that was executed a bit better here. It doesn’t completely draw your eye, but it is noticeable, and it was done a lot better on the Widow figure that came with the bike.

What I really DO NOT LIKE about this particular figure is that mine came with two left hands, and as this is one of the few recent Legends without swappable hands, that is infuriating, especially for a store exclusive. I wish I knew some curse words in Russian because I would be yelling them right now. It has been a long time since I got a mismatched part in ML, but that doesn’t take the sting away. I was trying to be responsible and avoid going out to get my figure by ordering it online, but if you do find yours in the store, give it a good look first. Looking through the old ML parts bin, I don’t think I even have an extra option around for this, so I suppose I am going to have to find a way to hide it as best as I can, as I am unlikely to get another on at this point. As a temporary fix, I have employed an extra Gwenpool hand, but they colors certainly don’t match up. Blarg.

Anyway, I like the face sculpt for Natasha here as it is stern and has good recall to the iconic style of Black Widow, even without the more iconic hairdo. The version’s hair is slicked back and looks like several other ML females, so it is not as dynamic or recognizable as it could be, but it is perfectly fine. I do want to commend Hasbro for constantly getting better with their face painting and likenesses, not only in ML, but across the board with their lines, and this figure is a good example of that. I don’t even have to dig back very far in terms of comparison between what we were getting just a couple of years ago in terms of detail in faces (especially the eyes),  and what is happening now. The gap between ML and some of the premium lines continues to get narrower.

So, if a white costume Black Widow is something you have been opining for, that’s cool, but for me, the accessories are what really make this release, and like the face painting, Hasbro continues to up their game and add value via the pack-ins. Widow comes with three guns: a long rifle, pistol with silencer, and a very small handgun as well. You can easily imagine the practical need for all three of these when you are in Widow’s profession, so I am all about being armed to the teeth with a figure like this, so that is cool. Having lots of guns is not a new thing for some MLs though, but the muzzle flashes and discharge “smoke” effects are a new-ish phenomenon and I am here for it. Granted, I am a pretty vanilla poser for my actual figure shelves, but for dynamic posing and photography, I need so much more of this type of thing. I know, it might seem like a small thing, but stuff like this adds so much dynamic capability to our figures, so PLEASE keep ‘em coming, Hasbro. CC: Star Wars Black, Ghostbusters Plasma, and G.I. Joe Classified teams.

Overall, I think this is a nice release and allows for some good variance for a core Marvel character. It is a shame that we don’t know when the Black Widow movie will be coming out, but our toys can keep us going for now. I REALLY wish the chest piece on my figure and lack of a proper right hand weren’t issues, so be on the lookout for QC when picking up your figure. Target is the only place where you can find this figure, so check the website, but if you are going to venture out to an actual store, please be responsible and smart when you go.