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Boss Fight Studio: Bucky O’Hare Berserker Baboon Bruiser Review

Okay, Bucky O’Hare fans – the crew of the Righteous Indignation just got a major upgrade to their muscle. Boss Fight Studio is set to release the first deluxe figure in their amazing Bucky line in form of Bruiser the Betelgeusian Baboon. Mutants, aliens, and toads beware!

For my money, this line from BFS is one of the most satisfying when it comes to modern day updates to figures I owned as a kid. I didn’t really know much of anything about Bucky as property, but the figures fit in great with TMNT, they were bright and colorful, and well, just plain fun. Blinky made several cross-over appearances with the Turtles, and anytime there was a need to storm Dimension X, Bucky helped lead the charge. It is kind of amazing that, between BFS and Super7 so many of my old 90s lines (Bucky, TMNT, Toxic Crusaders) are new again, so getting modern lines to intermingle is a real treat.

This update is like the little line that could, and I have enjoyed each release more than the last, so I was really excited to see what Boss Fight was going to unleash with the first deluxe figure. It’s funny, for some reason I cannot claim to know at this point, I originally thought that Bruiser was a bad guy when I saw him on the pegs as a kid. Looking at it now, that seems completely ridiculous, and I have really come to appreciate his fierce demeanor as one that is in fact ready to “croak some Toad.” With the bulk this baboon carries, he is going to be able to take out an entire Toad infantry all by himself.

If you are familiar with this line, or any line from Boss Fight (and you SHOULD be!), you know that sculpting, articulation, and quality are all consistently fantastic. Those are three biggies, and every figure in this line is rock solid in all of those facets, and I am continually impressed by the fact that they still to find ways of making improvements with each subsequent figure. The Toad Soldiers were the most recent additions to my collection, and I found them to be the best of the line; the good news is that Bruiser is every bit as good, if not better, so he is going to make a lot of people happy.

Stating the obvious, Bruiser is BIG. He is supposed to be, but even seeing comparison pictures prior to release really didn’t show just how much larger this figure is than any of the others. I feel like he has much more room to shine with that point here over his vintage figure, so he will be a force to reckoned with. He is proportionally so much larger than his vintage figure in terms of how he compares with the other figures in the line, and that is big win here and most certainly enough justification for him to be a deluxe figure.

The articulation scheme is also impressive and helps to add another dimension to the overall size of this figure. Sure, posing is always the big beneficiary when it comes to enhanced articulation, but Bruiser’s personality and build are really brought out, too. See, in the old line, due to limited points, Bruiser stood more upright at all times, but with the new scheme, Bruiser can now stand in a more simian-like fashion. I LOVE that he can bend over far enough to use his hands to help support him. It adds so many dynamic options for posing, and it all helps him come to life on the shelf. The splayed open hand is really perfect as a third support for him as he is firing away at those nasty Toads.

Speaking of extra pieces, Bruiser includes two portraits, his blaster, four hands (two left and two right), and banana for a mid-combat snack. As you can see in the pictures, the heads are very different from one and other, so both will be useful, you might want to heat up the open-mouth head before putting it on the peg to make the swap a little easier. I really like the left hand options for the figure, and while I mentioned the open hand above for baboon posture, the other makes it so Bruiser can enjoy his banana while blasting Toads, something I can totally see him casually doing in the heat of battle. This figure is made of so much plastic compared to the others, so I really pleased with the included accessories because they are thoughtful and add a lot to the options you have to display him as you like.

Captain Bucky O’Hare is getting some serious reinforcement in his battle against the Toads with Bruiser, and he might be the best figure of the line yet. Having this deluxe execution gives so many more possibilities for this line, and Bruiser’s really takes advantage of that, especially for his size. He is going to be landing soon, so if you have not locked in your pre-order yet, do so now! I really love this line, and Mimi is gearing up for release, so I am eagerly anticipating who will be next up after her, there are so many colorful possibilities.