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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Avengers Loki Promo Images and Info

Ooo, Bandai out of the blue with an S.H. Figuarts Avengers Loki!

Well, not out of the blue, this has been one of those “Hey, here’s a prototype at a show, no pics please, we may never release it” type figures for a while now. But it’s my favorite look for the god of mischief and it’s been a while since an SHF Marvel character has caught my eye. It looks fantastic.

There’s several options here besides the usual hands. It boasts two head options, which I am guessing the regular and then the mouth gag, where Loki’s eyes look a little sad. It also lists a helmet, I’m guessing the hair comes off the regular head and the helmet slips on? Or is it big enough to go over the hair? Also included is the scepter, a longer staff version, the Tesseract, and handcuffs.

The info pages does announce “TWO REPLACEMENT HEADS WILL BE UPDATED AT A LATER DATE!” I’m not sure if that means the two shown will be updated with more info (like the hair/helmet situation) or if this means two additional heads will be included.

But….it is a Soul Web exclusive, so it may be a little harder to get. Although, it is a Marvel figure, hopefully it comes through Bluefin channels too. $82, shipping in September.