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Jazwares: Fortnite Legendary Series Max Level Ragnarok

Jazwares’ Fortnite series is the gift that keeps on giving surprises. The other day this guy popped up in-stock, previously unannounced, at Amazon. I have to say that kind of surprise is getting increasingly novel in this online era and I did enjoy it. Does the figure itself live up to the fun of the surprise release? Let’s take a look at Max Level Ragnarok!

The figure comes in an over-sized version of the window box we are used to from the Jazwares six inch line. It gets the job done and shows off the figure well. The one issue I had with the packaging is that the pickaxe got a little bent based on the way it was packed in the box, but I fixed that with heat.

Ragnarok is a skin in Fortnite that has progressive unlocks. Basically, the more experience you get in the game, the more your Ragnarok gets geared up. These Max Level figures are all about the armor and that comprises most of the accessory count in this set. Ragnarok comes with a rifle, a pickaxe, three face plates, a skull face helmet, a cape, shin armor, extra hands, a skirt, chest armor, forearm bracers, and shoulder armor.

With all the accessories removed, Ragrarok has a great base body for custom barbarian figures. He’s basically a lean, shirtless guy wearing pants and some fur lined boots. The peg holes on the arms and shins don’t bother me too much.

The gun has that exaggerated Fortnite feel, but has sharp detail and fits okay in the hands, though posing with it gets a little tougher the more armor you add to the body.

The axe is pretty neat because it’s cast in a translucent plastic so the business end has some icy blue pieces. The metallic paint is pretty effective too.

The face plates pop on easily and stay on securely. The parting line is actually less noticeable on this figure than I would have thought. Instead of different expressions, Ragnarok is basically growing his beard longer across these different plates.

The strap has some nice buckle and belt detail and hangs loosely on Ragnarok’s bare chest, but works much better when the chest armor is on.

The armor is all painted nicely with a dark metallic highlighted by a brighter silver drybrush. Some pieces attach better than others. The shin bracers pop into holes in the shin and stay on pretty well and don’t interfere with ankle movement.

The hands pop off fairly easily and stay on securely and the more armored hands retain the articulation from the plain hands. The wrist bracers are made of a slightly softer plastic and slide over the naked forearms. These stay on great and have some sharp spikes, however they do decrease the effectiveness of the double elbows.

The most troublesome armor pieces are the shoulders though they look great with sharp sculpting and nice paint. They attach at a peg and also clip onto the bicep. These do hinder arm movement a bunch. Bicep swivels and shoulder hinging up will pop them off.

The skirt is also a softer plastic piece that doesn’t hinder leg movement too badly, but it’s a little tricky to get the clasp closed because it’s a mushroom peg.

The torso armor reminds me of the MOTUC overlays and closes with three peg clasps in the back. It also hinders torso movement, but that joint was not moving well anyway.

The cape attaches at the back with a solid peg and actually has soft goods for the most part. It has a nice, scaly pattern to it, though it doesn’t hang much like cloth and kind of looks like a piece of plastic when on the figure.

Finally, the skull helmet looks pretty gnarly and has some decent weathering to the skeleton parts and a translucent beard. It fits over the mustache head, though if you leave off the face plate you can get a little bit more movement out of it.

Paint is good on this figure. It’s pretty minimal on the base body, but I was impressed at how they incorporated the translucent plastic and the metallics are also really well done.

The eyes are a bit of a miss for me. I think the blue overspray is supposed to indicate glowing eyes, but I feel like it’s missing a core of white to sell the glow more.

The articulation matches the standard for this line with”

  • Swivel/hinge head, shoulders, hips, wrists, and ankles
  • Bicep, waist, and thigh swivels
  • Toe hinges
  • Ball and socket mid-torso
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Butterfly pecs

The articulation functions pretty well for the most part in the undressed mode, however the double knees only get about 90 degree bends and I think the forward motion on the hip could use a revision as he can’t kick straight out.

I think it’s worth noting that the detents on the shoulders and hips are also super tight, so it’s sometimes tough to get those moving. The mid-torso range of motion is pretty sad and is mostly just a swivel. Of course the articulation is also impacted by the armor as I noted above.

Overall I liked this figure a lot. The removeable armor is pretty fun to mess around with and set up different combinations and you can create all his in game looks. The fully armored look is slightly bulky, but it works as an armored warrior for me.

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