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Fortnite: Peely Fest

I’ve got the Fortnite bug and have been buying the JazWares figures, but Peely has such an appealing (ahem) design, I decided to grab the McFarlane figure as well. I thought it might be fun to do a comparison of the two, so let’s take a look at Peely from both McFarlane and Jazwares!

Even though the McFarlane figure is significantly larger than the Jazwares figure, the boxes are of a similar size and both feature large windows and cross-sell art on the back. I think I like the banana theme of the green to yellow gradient on the McFarlane box best.

The McFarlane figure comes with a pickaxe, a rifle, and a backpack made of bamboo. The Jazwares figure has a bit more stuff with a pickaxe, two rifles, two extra faces, a mushroom, and a backpack with some holstered bananas.

The pickaxes are shockingly similar in shape and size since the figures are so different in size. The paint is a little nicer on the McFarlane version. Both figures have a little trouble holding it.

McFarlane Peely

For McFarlane’s take, the grip hands are a little tight for the axe and the length of the handle is a little short for him to hold it naturally. The hands feel like they are a little too close together

The Jazwares Peely holds it a little better, but the hinged grip can be a little fiddly to get him to hold it.

The backpacks plug into the backs securely and the bamboo has some fairly convincing paint work. The banana back pack has a little less paint work, but the sculpted detail is nice.

It wouldn’t be Fortnite without guns and both figures come with them, though the McFarlane weapon works a little better.

The solid grip hands on the McFarlane figure holds the weapon far more securely than the Jazwares Peely holds either gun. The floating ball joint on the McPeely also allows for more realistic gun holding poses than the single in/out swivel/hinge on the JazPeely figure.

The McPeely rifle does have slightly nicer finish to it that feels less plastic-y than the JazPeely weapons. Jazpeely has the advantage in that there are two weapons.

The gun that kind of looks like an AK has a strap, but it’s a pretty hard plastic.

The other gun is a shotgun. Both weapons are a little tough to get into the figure’s hands. The type of weapon handle coupled with the articulation of the wrists makes for some awkward gun-firing poses.

You can’t really get him into a natural forward firing position with the stock against the shoulder. You can kind of fake it, but it doesn’t quite work. He really needs to hold it low.

JazPeely also comes with a mushroom that has a hole that helps the figure grip it.

I think the accessories that makes me really like the JazPeely are the alternate expressions. They plug into slots on the figure and hold pretty securely, but the seams are pretty obvious.

I like the fun of the different expressions more than the seams bother me. Articulation on these figures is pretty similar with both having:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, hips, ankles, and wrists.
  • Double hinged elbows and knees
  • Swivel biceps
  • Hinged toes

The JazPeely does have a couple of extra points with butterfly hinged pecs and thigh and boot swivels. The McPeely has some really strong ratchet ab and head hinge joints beneath the soft rubber banana skin, but using them kind of distorts the banana shape, so I don’t really use them. The legs are hindered by rubber banana skin somewhat, but they move pretty well.

Sculpting on both of these guys is great and matches the model well, though the JazPeely does have some really large cuts to allow for movement. I think overall I prefer the solid look of the McPeely rubber overlay, but this works too.

I love the sculpting on the interior of the banana. It looks a little more realistic on the JazPeely.

Paint is nice on both figures. I like the solid yellow on the McPeely, but the overspray on the JazPeely is nice too. I did have a bit of a mistake on the interior banana piece paint application on my JazPeely.

Overall, I think these are both really nice figures with a lot to recommend both. I appreciate the more polished finish and solid look of the McPeely with the rubber overlay, but I also love all the alternate heads on the JazPeely.

The gun holding works way better for the McPeely because of the floating ball joints between the wrists and I think that’s something if Jazwares included would be a great improvement for the line. I think they look too dang awesome together to get only one and if you enjoy one of these, you should probably do yourself a favor and pick up the other. I’m looking forward to adding the smaller scale version to my collection whenever I find one. Or two.