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Top 5: Most Wanted Star Wars Black Series Ewoks

I just watched Return of the Jedi over the weekend and was enjoying the heck out of the battle for Endor when it hit me I have zero Black Series Ewok figures. That seemed really weird considering what a huge part of my vintage collection Ewoks were back in the day and how long the Black Series line has been running. Yub nub, let’s talk about Ewoks!

I always like to start with a runner up or two and for an outside of the box pick, I’d really love a Dulok. They are the bumbling anti-Ewok villains from the cartoon. It’s weird, but these Grinchy looking freaks have captured my heart. I’d buy some vintage ones if they weren’t so darn expensive.

A more reasonable pick is an Ewok who actually gets a good amount of screen time in Return of the Jedi, the sorcerer Logray.

He’s got a bitch’n headdress and staff and is an influential member of the tribe. The only reason he doesn’t crack the top five for me is I kinda hated the vintage figure. He just seemed a little too clean, bright, and soft. In the movie he’s kind of ratty and dirty and I think we can make that happen in the black series.

5. Chief Chirpa

Chirpa was the only Ewok action I had for quite a long time when I was a kid. Ewok merch was hot and they could be tough to find so I had the one Chirpa and I loved him. He was basically my stand-in for every Ewok and I wore that figure out playing with him. I remember making spears for him from twigs and digging a little Ewok home in the dirt of the yard.

4. Widdle Warrick

I get that you might be wondering which Ewok is Widdle. He is Wickett’s brother, though I honestly learned that fairly recently when re-watching Caravan of Courage. I love Widdle because he’s one of the Ewoks who commandeers the AT-ST with Chewbacca.

It’s an excellent moment in the movie and he’s got this great look of happiness on his face when they steal that walker. Next time you watch the movie, keep your eyes on Widdle for that sequence. I also just dig his color scheme with the reddish brown fur and white facial markings.

3. Kneesaa

Keesaa is Chirpa’s daughter and one of the characters made up for the Ewoks cartoon. The cartoon is not great, but I enjoy Keesaa’s design and her 3.75 figure looks really cool.

She’s also just damn cute and I’m not going to pretend that doesn’t factor into my Ewok buying decisions.

2. Teebo

Teebo was my second Ewok figure and holds a similar appeal to me as Chief Chirpa, he’s just got a cooler design and more memorable scenes in the movie, so he’s higher up on the list. It never ceases to make me smile when Artoo shocks him in the ass and chases him around. Plus, he seems like the dirtiest, grungiest Ewok of them all. I’d like the spectrum of Ewoks represented on my shelf, from the super cute to the grossest little human-eating trash pandas.


Of course Wicket is number one. He’s the gold standard. If you only make one Ewok it has to be Wickett. He’s the breakout star of Return of the Jedi and the leading man of two TV movies and two seasons of a TV show and he’s also just damn cute.

Plus, he would be the first figure in a hopeful line up of all the characters Warwick Davis has played across the Star Wars saga. I know there is a Figuarts prototype out there for Wicket that looks pretty slick but who knows if that will ever get made. It’s time, Hasbro! Break out the Ewoks!

Those are my top 5 most wanted Ewoks, but honestly I could go for as many as Hasbro will make. What Ewok do you want most?