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Marvel Legends Reveals at MCM London 2019

Oooo, more Marvel Legends? Okay!

Hasbro’s Marvel panel kicked off today at MCM London and it looks like we’re getting another Iron Man villain. Be still my Handbook lovin’ heart, Spy Master is some classic goodness. With Winter Soldier’s release date being spring 2020 and now another spy type character, these have to be part of the Black Widow movie assortment, right?

Super Skrull is going to be the BaF for the Fantastic Four wave. Notice Thing comes with two heads, and there are also swappable regular arms.

Strong Guy is also in plastic form in the booth.

And looking at the Spider-Man Demogoblin case packout, we learn that Vulture comes with an alternate Drago head in case you want to keep the old Vulture as Toomes.