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SDCC ’19: Hasbro Preview Night

Hasbro always has some interesting displays, so even if there isn’t much new in the booth, there’s plenty of cool stuff to look at. Click through for more pics from Hasbro’s SDCC 2019 Preview Night.

The Transformers section was dominated by the massively impressive Unicron. I can’t go in on something like this at my level of Transformers fandom, income and space concerns, but it’s a damn impressive thing to see in person.

Most of the other Siege figures in the booth were things I’d seen pictures of, but were nice to see in person, but there were a few new to me figures including some new cassette characters for Siege Soundwave that looked nice.

The Overwatch figures on hand also were figures we had seen promotional images of beforehand, but they looked nice in person, especially Zarya.

One of the highlights for these shows for me is always the massive Marvel Legends diorama and this year is no different. I didn’t spot any customs I was sure would be made into future figures, but I think those AIM color Mandroids would be worth a buy.

Hasbro had some fun Star Wars displays on hand as well, including eight shelves filled with figures from each of the eight saga films so far. I was also intrigued to see the Masterpiece Vader in person.

The head sculpt on the clone armor Obi-Wan is amazing in person. I’m a little iffy on the soft goods, though.

The upcoming Palpatine also looked great. There was also a neat display featuring an army’s worth of the new Sith Trooper.

Finally, there was a very cool diorama that is surprisingly Return of the Jedi themed and including a bunch of custom figures of characters we don’t have in the black series yet (Bib Fortuna, 8-D8, EV-99, a medical droid, a GNK and a MASSIVE Rancor). The new characters didn’t look like Black Series Prototypes, but hopefully it’s an indication of what kinds of characters they are thinking about. I could go for a Bib Fortuna and a passel of Jabba’s palace aliens.