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DC Collectibles : Batman The Merciless Statue Review

The recent Dark Knights Metal event throughout the Bat-books and DC comics has been a huge success. To capitalize on it, DC Collectibles has been releasing statues of all the different crazy, maniacal , and insane versions of Batman throughout the dark multiverse.

This particular version is the Merciless. This Batman comes from an Earth where the heroes waged a horrible two year long war against Ares, the god of war himself who had crafted a helmet that amplified his powers a hundred times over. During the final battle, thinking his beloved Wonder Woman sacrificed herself to get the helmet off of Ares, Batman donned Ares’ new all powerful helmet thinking he could control it’s power. Instead it corrupted him and turned him into an all powerful being and caused him to lose his mortality and sense of good.

The statue itself is a perfect representation of the character and captures all of the details that a character who is a mix of Batman and Ares should have. The statue stands a bit over eight inches and is made of polyresin with some dies cast parts included in.

The Merciless statue really captures all of the fierce, menacing details that make him such a striking looking character. His armor sculpt is accurate and well defined. Some parts really look like it could be metal. The paints are nice as well, and the metallic tones really add some depth to his armor.

His sword is die cast and his base is removable. He fits onto his base securely by a peg in his right foot.

The packaging is attractive, and does a good job displaying the statue clearly. The pictures on the back of the box shows the other two statues being released.

The Merciless statue is based on Greg Capullo’s artwork and was sculpted by Neobauhaus.

Overall this is a very nice piece. It definitely captures the look and feel of this war mongering menacing version of Batman. If you’re a fan of DC statues or a fan of the Dark Knights Metal series this is something that would look great on your DC shelf. He’s set to be released in late July and will retail for 85 dollars. You can find him at your local comic shops or at your favorite online retailer!