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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man FFH Stealth Suit Full Reveals

Bandai FINALLY solicits the Avengers Scarlet Witch we saw at Tamashii Nations last year, along with the Far From Home Stealth Spider-Man suit that’s been teased for weeks!

Ooops, blew the surprise of it being a Soul Web exclusive.

Spider-Man’s stealth get-up is kind of a mix of symbiote and the Homecoming homemade suit….without all the tendrils and baggy pajamas. It’s familiar and brand-new. It’s techy, but not Stark levels of techy.

Comes with alternate eyes for the head with goggles down, and an optional head with goggle up. At least that’s how I’m guessing it works. Also comes with several sets of hands and webs.

Like I said, it’s a Soul Web exclusive but it’s already up for pre-order on Nippon-Yasan. $70, arrives in January.

Spider-Man had a little build-up, but Wanda came out of nowhere.

Sure, sure, a prototype was shown overseas last year, but that doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to Bandai. They are sitting on piles of protos for various lines. So it’s a pleasant surprise.

She’s marketed as Infinity War but is just as easily the Endgame version too, I suppose.

She comes with hands, effects, and the new patented alternate “look slightly to the side” head.

Same deal here. Soul Web. Already on Nippon-Yasan. Slightly cheaper at $65 and also arrives in January.