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Back This: Action Force by Valaverse

If you have started to lose hope that we’re ever going to see a certain terrorist-fighting elite group of soldiers in 6″ scale, here’s something to pick up your spirits a bit…

As of Friday, Valaverse has gone live with their Action Force Kickstarter, and for the next 27-or-so days, they are taking pledges to get this combat force battle ready and boots on the ground.

The figures run between 32-34 points of articulation, are 6″ scale, of course, and can run a variety of helmets, holsters, and web gear that no doubt can be moved around various bodies.

Articulation layout should look pretty familiar to most Legends collectors, and the overall style and feel hits me somewhere between that iconic line that rhymes with “PI Schmoe” and the CORPS Elite, and that is not a bad place to be. Here’s the intro:

Introducing ACTION FORCE ™! The next era of premium action figures by Valaverse.  This all new 6″ (1:12 scale) military based figure line features high quality articulation, deco, accessories, and an ACTION FORCE™ display stand.  The ACTION FORCE™ line introduces unique characters as well as troop building options.  There will be 5 figures available for the initial fund goal, with one being a Kickstarter Exclusive figure which will be unveiled on June 19th after the initial launch.  Additional figures and accessory packs will be available as stretch goals are unlocked.  With years of award winning experience in the toy industry, Valaverse™ has devoted the utmost effort in creating a much needed offering in the 1:12 scale figure world.  

Action Force’s driving creator comes from a pretty solid background in figure design, and he’s got plenty more ideas should this get moving. Hopefully I can get him drunk and start him on a vehicle Kickstarter.

But for right now, head on over, check out the options, and give this gentleman a hand getting these boys into action.