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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Captain Marvel and Nick Fury Review

The Marvel Legends centered on the new Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Captain Marvel, are hitting brick and mortar and online vendors in full force. I’ve been trying to keep to brick and mortar stores lately, so I’ve been picking up the wave figure by figure as I find them. Let’s take a look at Captain Marvel and Nick Fury!

Captain Marvel and Nick Fury come in the standard Marvel Legends packaging. The Captain Marvel wave uses one piece of artwork for the back and sides on the packaging. It’s nice art, but a little dull used three times.

Apparently, the Captain Marvel movie is set in the ’90s, so I find it somewhat amusing and appropriate that Carol sports the infamously over-used leather jacket on top of a super-hero costume style from the era.

Maybe it’s nostalgia, if not for that era of comics rather my misspent youth, but I actually like the look of it here. The sculpt has convincing weight and texture and I especially like the faded logo print on the back and the contrast of the brown leather with the almost metallic uniform.

I think the face sculpt is pretty great and resembles the actress quite a bit. I’ve seen a lot of talk that it looks like Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec, and I suppose it does a bit, but so does Brie Larson, so that works for me.

Captain Marvel comes with a really fun little cat accessory. The cat is sculpted in mid-claw strike and is terribly cute. He has a decent two-toned paint job and some shiny gold eyes. Captain Marvel also comes with a beefy robotic arm for the Kree Sentinel Build-a-Figure.

Carol has nice paint with a convincing set of metallics for the uniform and a nice medium brown for the jacket. The face printing works well, though a little pixelated up close in photos, it’s convincing at a distance. I think a dry brush would do a lot for the jacket to give a more leathery appearance, so I wish it had that, but otherwise I find the paint good on this figure.

The articulation is typical Marvel Legends fare with:

  • Ball and socket head and mid-torso
  • Swivel/hinge neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Double hinged knees
  • Swivel thighs

It moves well for the most part, especially the ball and socket at the head.

Nick Fury was a bit of a surprise to me. I had assumed, incorrectly, that he would be made up of the oft-reused Marvel Legends suit body, but it’s completely new.

Nick is a bit taller and bulkier than the old suit body, with a loosened tie and a shoulder holster underneath the jacket. The difference between the two sculpts is more apparent when compared with the original and I think Nick’s suit overall is an improvement on the original.

The head sculpt is pretty amazing and the face printing is mostly effective, though I see a bit of misaligned parts on the hair and the lips seem a tad too dark to be accurate. Under certain light, the eyes take on a greenish tint, but I don’t really notice it in-hand, it’s more apparent when magnified. It’s still light years ahead of the previous Fury figure.

The main problem I have with this figure is paint. There is the missed parts on the hair, but the biggest issue on my figure is that the neck paint does not go all the way down into the collar. It gives a weird almost mock-turtleneck look to the figure. I’ll have to fix that.

Nick comes with a pistol, a cat, and another impressive BAF arm. I can’t wait to finish this figure. The cat is interesting because he’s wearing cuffs and a muzzle. He looks similar to Carol’s cat, so I imagine that a Skrull shapeshifts into a cat at some point in the movie.

The cat doesn’t stand on it’s own, but is designed to be carried by the scruff of it’s neck by Fury, which is interesting. It’s a nice sculpt and I’m intrigued by this thing for sure and super curious to see how it plays out in the film.

The articulation is similar to Carol’s except Nick has double hinged elbows and a single hinged ab crunch and waist swivel. The ankles also swivel at the foot and where they attach to calves and have a better range of motion than the other suit body. I also like how much head tilt you can get out of the ball and socket joint. It’s perfect for Sam Jackson style poses.

Overall, I like these figures quite a bit, though I do wish Nick’s neck was painted correctly. It’s a pretty big error and mars an otherwise excellent sculpt. I also wish Carol had come with some fists as the open hands are a little limiting.

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