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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series SDCC 2018 Han Solo Exogorth Escape

Con-exclusive action figures is a touchy subject with most collectors, so on the one hand I like it when they aren’t must-have figures but then they aren’t quite as exciting to get. Fortunately Bespin Han is being released in the Black Series line proper, so if you missed out on this exclusive packaging and accessories, you can pick up Han later this year. Let’s take a look at Han Solo Exogorth Escape!

Did you know that the worm in the Hoth Asteroid field was called an Exogorth? That was a new one on me. 40 years in and there’s ever more Star Wars trivia to learn. Anyway, this set is special mostly due to the elaborate backdrop packaging and some exclusive accessories. The box has an outer shell that slides open to reveal the diorama within.

I really like how they added the fog to the window box plastic to give it that swampy look. The diorama is pretty neat, too. I saw BLKSRS on instagram use his for a photo backdrop, so I was inspired to try and save the packaging and using it for photos. I like the results and I’m thinking about getting some more paper backdrops in the future.

The figure comes with a tool that I’m assuming is a hydro-spanner, a gas mask, a pointing hand and Han’s blaster. The blaster fits well in the holster, though it’s a little soft.The hydro-spanner is a detailed little bit of plastic that was also a little bent in the package, but I was able to straighten with some heat. I can’t remember seeing Han actually use it, but it’s a fun to have accessory that I’m sure I’ll use in the future.

The pointing hand is a bit of a nod to Harrison’s finger pointing acting style and adds some variety to your potential Han poses. I would love for Hasbro to incorporate more swappable hands like this in the future. I’d especially like a more loose left hand for Han, similar to the Episode IV figure, so he’d look a little more natural in blaster firing poses.

The gas mask is really cool. It is cast in a clear, flexible plastic and has a little clip on the tube end so it stays attached to Han’s jacket. There is an elastic band holding the mask on and it works well, though the ends get a little frayed.

Finally, the best accessory is the Mynock. He’s a gross little creature cast in a translucent plastic that allows light to pass through his wings.The stand you see below is not included.

He’s not as slimy as the one who attacks Leia in the movie, but he’s plenty gross. One of my favorite things to do in Disney Infinity Star Wars levels was to hunt the Mynocks, so I’m super glad to have one. I could have used one more…

I think the body sculpt on this figure is pretty much perfect and matches the source material well.

The face is so close, it’s a little maddening. I see the likeness, and what they were going for, but there’s just something a slight bit off. Still, it’s the best Harrison Ford likeness I have from the Black Series so far and makes good use of the face printing tech. My figure does have a blemish on the nose. I’m not sure, but I think that might have been made by the gas mask.

The paint is decent with some sharp printing on the pant stripe and effective facial features. There looks to be a bit of a dark wash on the hair, which is nice.

The articulation is Black Series standard, except they have added a ball and socket at the point where the neck connects to the shirt. It allows for a little bit of rocker movement and for the head to really look down. I like to see that Hasbro is testing out new articulation where they can. He has:

  • Barbell ball and socket head and neck
  • Ball and socket lower neck and mid-torso
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Swivel thighs

Overall, I like this set quite a bit. It’s not as flashy as a brand new or exclusive character, but it comes with some fun stuff I enjoyed playing with and will probably get use from in the future. I can totally see Ezra using that hydro-spanner on Chopper.

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