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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Everett Ross and Erik Killmonger

Hasbro is continuing their Marvel Legends Black Panther line up with two new waves coming later in this year and early next year. As an appetizer, they have released this two pack featuring Killmonger and Ross. Heavy on re-used parts, it is still quite a bit of fun. Let’s take a look at Everett Ross and Erik Killmonger!

Killmonger is an anomaly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in that he seems to be as fully developed and sympathetic, if not more so, than the hero of his film. Michael B. Jordan was amazing in the role, so I’m in for more figures of this great villain.

The sculpt appears to be the same as the sculpt from the Black Panther wave repainted, but he has a crucially important accessory in the Michael B. Jordan portrait. It would have been nice if this came with the original figure, but I love it so much that I’ll forgive the double dip.

The paint (new one is on the right in the photo above) is interesting, with the gold highlights only on some details of the costume. It’s sharply done, and I suspect it’s meant to convey the energy storage effect of the costume. I think I prefer the original body’s leopard print paint work a bit better, but this is still nice. It’s also just a great, poseable base body.

Since it’s the same body, you can swap the unmasked head sculpt onto the older figure with no issue. The likeness is incredible and I find this to be one of the most effective face printed figures yet.

He also comes with the same clawed and weapon holding hands that the previous Killmonger figure had. The other accessories are re-paints of the originals, with the spear head having one less paint hit.

I think the new sword has a nicer metallic plastic. The articulation is ML standard with the addition of hinges at the pectorals. It’s a great moving figure and the articulation all functions well.

Ross comes with a pistol and based on a repainted version of the old Chameleon suit body. It works well here in the new gray colors and the likeness to actor Martin Freeman is pretty uncanny.

The paint is fairly plain, but the face printing is quite nice. The arms are slightly bendy, but that actually worked to my advantage a bit and I could get him in some cool two-handed gun holding poses.

As a funny bonus, Ross’s head fits on the Killmonger body. My figure did have a weird warpage on the left sleeve, but I’m not sure if that’s a defect unique to my figure or a widespread issue.

The upcoming Black Panther waves may make this Killmonger redundant in the future since mercenary gear Killmonger comes with an unmasked head, but I’m glad to have the extra head and Ross now.