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Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi Psylocke and Deathstroke at Summer Wonder Festival 2018

Kaiyodo is displaying at Summer Wonder Festival, showing off new Amazing Yamaguchi like Psylocke and Deathstroke!

I’m really happy to see Deathstroke this early. Batman needed a companion piece and rather than go the obvious Joker route, Kaiyodo skewed off to Slade. Not a total oddball choice, actually more fitting for the line, but I wasn’t expecting it.

And then Psylocke. I will take X-Men from any line that is willing to give them to me. And look, purple hair!! I dig the translucent look to it but I don’t know how much I dig the cape-like aspect of it. Hey, at least it’s not all segmented and articulated, am I right?


No prices and no exact dates although Betsy’s placard does say 2018, so expect pre-orders soon.

Again, Most pics via @amiamihobbynews on Twitter, the rest were found in seedy back alleys of Internet City.

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