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NECA: SDCC Exclusive Movie Ninja Turtles

When I was a teenager, my friends and I were obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We watched the show, read the comics, played the arcade game, and even played the TSR roleplaying games. So you know we were there opening weekend for the release of the first live action Ninja Turtle film and we ate it up completely. I haven’t been able to collect the large scale movie turtles NECA released recently, I’ve just been living vicariously through VeeBee’s photos, so I’m beyond excited that NECA is able to release a 7 inch scale version of the brothers. Let’s take a closer look at NECA’s Movie Ninja Turtles!

I’m not usually a person who keeps packaging, but this window box so cleverly recreates the old video cassette sleeve, that I may just have to keep it. It even has simulated wear and a review quote from our very own VeeBee!

The figures come with their usual weapons and each figure has weapon gripping hands. They also included a ooze canister and cardboard pizza box complete with a whole pie of pizza slices!

The ooze canister has some sharp printing and one end can open.

There are also two sets of each mask tail so you can choose to have it rest on the right or left shoulder. It’s a nice option to have!

Also included are a pair of pointing hands, a pair of resting hands, some sai gripping hands for Raph, and a couple of flatter hands that I like to use for high fives.

The hands all swap easily and the grip hands hold the weapons solidly. The different options add a lot to poseability and are fun to mess around with.

The sculpt on these figures is really impressive. I just watched the movie tonight and I was struck how much these figures look like they just jumped off the screen. I also really like the texture applied on the body and the detailed shells.

It looks to me like it’s the same body four times (the shells look unique as well), but the unique head sculpts and weapon belts do great work to differentiate the characters.

The heads are all really expressive and are a great match for the screen. I’d be able to identify which character it was easily even without the color coded masks.

I especially like Mikey’s wide-eyed grin. He looks almost crazy, it’s so perfect.

One slight concern I had was how high Donny’s belt sits on his chest, but it did look like that often in the film, so I guess that’s more my issue than the figure’s.

I can almost hear Donny saying Bossanova! looking at this guy.

My Leo’s swords didn’t quite want to go all the way down into the sheaths, so I was shoving the sword down in there and ended up bending it, so I’d watch out for that.

The articulation on these figures is impressive and the joints have a nice solid feel. From what I could tell, each Turtle has:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, ankles, wrists, hips, knees and elbows.
  • Ball and socket head and upper torso

The neat part about the elbows and knees is that they are double swivel/hinges so there is double elbow hinge, but it can also swivel inward for a two-handed, across the body weapon hold. The knee and elbow pads do a great job covering the joints as well.

The paint is also very nice. The skin and shell looks to drybrushing and washes. It works really well with the sculpt to bring out the detail.

The scale is the usual NECA movie figure size, so these guys are almost seven inches tall.

Overall, this is another fantastic set and I’m crossing my fingers for some movie Foot Soldiers one day. The set will be available at SDCC, but there is an online presale with limited quantities going up on the NECA store online 6/7 and 6/8 at 1PM Eastern time. There is also a deluxe set that includes an intriguing looking diorama. The sets went fast today, so if you are in the market, I suggest to get your login info set up before the sale time.

Thanks to NECA for sending these bad boys out for an early look!