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Fwoosh Weekly! Star Wars Models and Black Series, SHF Falcon, Marvel Legends…and more Marvel Legends!

I’m about to be away for two weeks so let’s get a lot of Marvel Legends out of the way, along with a little Star Wars, some Diamond Select Ghostbusters, and some S.H. Figuarts Avengers!

Diamond Select Ghostbusters Series 9

Diamond Select Ghostbusters Series 10

Diamond Select Ghostbusters Firehouse

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Avengers: Infinity War Falcon

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Avengers Releases

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man SP//dr Wave hits the UK Pics via mrmarvellewis

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Rider Logan hits…somewhere….

Hasbro Marvel Legends GameStop PS4 Spider-Man

Hasbro Marvel Legends Black Panther Everett Ross and Killmonger Two Pack with Stan Lee BaF

Hasbro Marvel Legends Netflix Luke Cage and Claire Temple

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series General Veers

Bandai Star Wars model kit R2-D2 Rocket Booster version, R2-Q5, R5-J2, R4-I9 Pics via DengekiHobby