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Mezco: One:12 Collective Ascending Knight Batman “MezEx” Edition

“A return…to darkness.”

As is customary with a new Mezco Batman, we are treated to several color variants, to strike various fancies, or drive completists nuts, or maybe both. And one of the runaway favorites once revealed was an all-black version, somewhat evocative of some of the various movie suits. The Toy Fair version also made use of a dark metallic belt, which looks fantastic, but unless you were at the show, or benefit of an awe-inspiring toy budget, you (like me) had to look on longingly.

But the nice thing is, the more “main” version of that black variant had gone up for preorder last Fall, and so at least some of us had that consolation to look forward to, watching Robo’s and D_Amazing’s damn reviews. Only difference? The MezEx makes good use of some gold trim.

Now, accessories, articulation, composition, and everything except those colors is, of course, identical to the Standard version I looked at last month. Obviously, if this is your first look at this great figure, I would recommend hitting that review first, to get a better overall picture of what you’re in for. The short of it is this Batman is one of Mezco’s best offerings to date, and that is no mean feat.

So, that brings me back to what I said about striking your fancy. I intend to get all three versions to share here eventually, but that’s because I can pretend that looking at them for you folks is part of the “job.” But if you aren’t a die-hard Batfan, you can rest comfortable knowing this isn’t a Wolverine situation where you’re going to miss out on a headsculpt or accessory. You can really just pick what’s prettiest for you.

Now, should that happen to be this one here…whoa ho ho….you’re in for a treat. In what would normally be a pretty simple paint deco, the use of black on the fabric, plastic and vinyl on this figure’s suit make for this awesome mix of matte and “shimmery” coloring. And because of this, pieces like the raised bat-symbol still show up well against the rest of the chest- something every plastic Bale Batman has struggled with. The belt is a straight gold, lacking the extra coloring of the Standard, but nothing wrong with keeping some parts simple. And again, it makes this particular version feel very evocative of the movies suits, especially the first Bale costume.

The rest of the change in deco goes to the accessories, where the weapons pick up some gold accents. It’s another simple touch, but much like Strathmore Deathstroke, it gives them some visual flare that I see photographers using to great effect in dark-lit setups. The grapple gun as long feels like a nice nod to the Bale version. Oddly, I don’t usually display any of them with the hooks installed, for fear of losing them, mostly. But in that classic way you used to do as a kid, it makes it easy to imagine this gun running any projectile Batman needs- gas pellets, smoke rounds, rubber bullets, or good old vintage Batman .45’s.

If I got to sit in on this Batman’s pitch, I can only think of a couple things I might have run past the Mezco crew- and they would be purely deco and gear, since I can’t stress enough how great this figure is. One thing I needed to give him was a “stealth” head: something covering his face. I’m tempted to see if I have that old Mattel full-masked on somewhere, but I hate covering up this headsculpt. I’m just testing a Mattel Justice League mask here for funsies. The other is more of a maybe, but since the Rebirth comics made the suggestion already, a little bit of gold trimming around his chest emblem might have been a nice touch, and further set this one apart from his brothers. Or a golden oval. Those things would run counter to the “samsies” these figures have, but just say in.

The only downside to this figure is that if you didn’t get him ordered when he was up,.he may be only slightly more available than the show counterpart. Secondary market is probably your only bet at the moment, though the standard and upcoming Previews versions are still out there at retail. Whichever ones you end up going for, I would do it soon. Thanks to Mezco for helping me get this one.

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