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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Enfys Nest from Solo Revealed

There’s apparently a press junket for a little movie called Solo: A Star Wars Story happening today and they have some toys on display…

We’ve seen the Walmart exclusive Mimban Troopers before, and we all have Gus at this point, but Enfys Nest is a surprise. Well, kind of a surprise. We’ve seen the character in trailers and heard that there would be an action figure, but I always like seeing it in actual plastic. So, surprise, it’s in plastic!

I’m going to guess (and we all know how that usually goes) that this is the Enfys Nest that comes with the Swoop set that popped up for pre-order a few weeks ago and then was pulled. The posture of the figure just says “Hey, I look better in a sitting position!” Except for those two planks coming from the waist.

What, you didn’t think I’d mention those?

Credit to Daniel Rey Silvas on Instagram