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Hasbro: Solo: A Star Wars Story Black Series Qi’Ra (Corellia)

In the Star Wars universe, the years that pass between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope have always been a target for imagination. What happens in the galaxy during that time as the Empire and Rebellion build themselves up? What is going on in the lives of our well-known heroes and villains? Well, the Star Wars “Story” movies, those exist outside and alongside the episodic Skywalker saga, have been exclusively targeting that fertile timespan to give us background and new stories about the galaxy far, far away. Rogue One set up the main plot of Episode 4 with even more weight than before, and now Solo targets our favorite scoundrel’s formative years as he grows into a hero of the Rebellion.

I will be the first to admit that, I get excited when presented with the chance to see things that have only ever been alluded to in SW movies. Sure, there is some inherent risk there because what is presented might not live up to expectations (see: Boba Fett’s background from Attack of the Clones), but with successes like Clone Wars, Rebels, and Rogue One, sometimes the payoff is definitely worth it, and it makes the universe even richer in terms of mythology. So, I am really looking forward to Solo, but I am taking caution because it is going to attempt to give more backstory and adventures to Han Solo. Sure, he is one the best and most popular SW characters ever, but a lot of his intrigue and mystique comes from his checkered past, and there is an inherent risk in putting that all together in a movie. If done well, it could be amazing to see Han as the young “old pirate,” so I will be keeping fingers, toes, and eyes all crossed heading into May 25th.

Yep, Han has a lot going on in his life prior to that fateful meeting with Obi-Wan and Luke on Tatooine. While old chums like Chewbacca and Lando were likely present while Han was Kessel Running, and smuggling for Jabba, it stands to reason that a lot of other people breezed in and out of his life during that time. Friends, enemies, and associates we have never heard of before are going to be coming to life in this new movie, and one of the central figures is Qi’Ra, who gets her own Black Series figure as part of Solo wave 2 (series 17). According to her profile on the card back (and what we have seen in the trailers so far), Qi’Ra has a long history with Han, even back to his home planet of Corellia, and apparently she has some level of gangland affiliation. I am positive that she will be a major influence on young Han, and Emilia Clarke will likely bring an air of strength and intrigue to the role. I can’t wait to find out more about her.

In the meantime though, we have this fancy new figure, and I have to admit that, it does not instantly feel like a Star Wars figure, but that is actually a GOOD thing. I made note in my look at Han and Lando that Star Wars has been suffering for a severe “beige-ing” in the Saga films, and many of the costume designs have become blasé and too uniform. Solo appears to break from that a bit, and while Qi’Ra’s outfit for this figure feels more Earth-like than most, it is certainly unique for our SW figures thus far. I prefer the duds pictured below for her, but this outfit is cool, and judging by the trailers and promotional material, she will have many costumes, so futures figures will be a must.

So, is Qi-Ra an old love interest? Did she originally advise Han to shoot first? Is she a member (or leader) or Han’s old crew? All of the above? Either way, she looks like she means business, and her choice in clothing is strong, yet feminine, and this Corellian outfit is a good example of that. Her fur-lined jacket resembles Han’s choice in outerwear somewhat, and like Lando, she is also sporting that now common flap shirt, this time in red. She does have a skirt, but it is almost like an accessory piece because she also has pants. In essence, this is really a more feminine version of the standard Han Solo togs, so it makes a lot of sense and has some continuity, but still provides new accents. I am thinking this is the younger version of Qi’Ra, so this stylish and somewhat playful look is indicative of her youth. She is dirtied up a bit with mud or dust on her skirt, and I am very glad that, even with the multiple layers and overlays, none really limit any of the articulation, so posing should not be a challenge here.

The now standard photo real face printing application has been used on this figure, and it does a good job of capturing Emilia Clarke’s likeness. I don’t think it is as on the spot as Lando’s, but it is still good. I mean, I showed the figure to my wife without telling her anything about it (and she has not watched any of the movie trailers), and she said it looks kind of like “Dany” (as in Daenerys Targaryen, Clarke’s character from Game of Thrones) so I think that makes it pretty successful. There is some distance and lack of expression in the eyes on this one, but I think it looks like Clarke, and even more so in person than in pictures, so I am good. I like the included pistol, too, I just wish there was a holster to store it when not in use.

Like I said, I am remaining cautious about this movie, but these new Black Series figures have certainly upped my excitement. Qi’Ra, along with Han and Lando, is a very nice figure, and I the designs they are boasting puts some color and uniqueness back into the Star Wars palette. Now, Qi’Ra will be shipping in the second series of Solo SWB figures (along with 4-LOM), but from what I am seeing, that assortment is chocked full of rereleases, so she and 4-LOM will be the only new figures alongside Han, Lando, the Range Trooper, Island Adventure Rey, DJ, and Darth Vader. The point is, if you see Qi-Ra, buy her right away, because I think she will be hard to find, at least at first. She will be essential for the Solo crew, and she makes for a good figure overall. I am looking forward to the character, and if she strikes a chord with the fans, hopefully we will get future releases with some of her other looks.

Oh, we are not done yet, check back tomorrow for MORE new Solo Black Series figure goodness!