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Super7: Masters of the Universe Filmation and Collector’s Choice Wave One

It’s been a while since I got a good Masters of the Universe Classics fix, so when my pre-order arrived this week I knew I needed to take some pics of these figures. I really like most of the figures without reservation, though I have a few quibbles here and there. Click through for a bunch of pictures of the first set of Filmation and Classics from Super7!

I’m going to take a queue from Benty (check out his reviews here and here) and start with my least favorite and finish with my favorites. Hawke is a little disappointing. The head is engineered way too low on the neck for my taste. Here’s how it looks pushed all the way down on the peg:

I found that adding a bit of poster tack inside the head and resting it a bit higher on the neck works pretty well and improves the figure quite a bit!

I do like that the gun has this soft leather strap and the sword is pretty neat. I also like that are trying to improve the torso articulation. Unfortunately, the legs don’t quite fit perfectly into the torso, so the butt looks a little awkward.

I like that there are two heads to make Hawke and Delora, but I wish there was a little more variety between them.

Next up is Teela and she suffers from the same butt issue as Hawke, but I ended up having fun posing her with that classic Filmation sword and shield.

I really wish the thigh swivel was still there for poseability, but I like the addition of the mid-torso joint and hinged wrists.

Quakke is from New Adventures, so I don’t have the nostalgia for him, but the figure is really neat. The only thing I don’t love is the boulder falls apart a lot when posing. I know it’s supposed to come apart, but I found it irritating.

Filmation Tri-Klops looks like he leaped out of the TV screen. His outfit has been a point of contention, and I personally feel like it matches the toy more than the show, but the figure is great fun.

The weapons are both great, the gun has a real Filmation vibe. I know people are having trouble with the visor, but I was able to get it moving by heating it and popping it off and then putting it back on.

He looks great with the rest of his crew.

Hordak is also really fun. I like the new torso, even though we lose articulation it has a much more Filmation vibe this way.

Lodar is pretty much perfect. I love that he comes with the chains from that iconic mini-comic cover.

Finally, my favorite is the newest character, Fangor. He’s got a great bunch of accessories and his alternate head mimics what I would imagine his vintage action feature would have been. It’s great to add to the Snake Men’s ranks. I love how his little buddy rests on his shoulder in a way that he looks like he’s flying.

Overall, I like this set quite a bit. I’m a little disappointed in the female characters, but the rest of the figures are really quite nice. I think I’m in for the next MOTUC pre-order.