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Mezco: One:12 Collective Deathstroke “Previews Edition”

“I can’t expect you to understand. We’re two different worlds who only occasionally merge. I may respect you, but I’ll never be like you.”

As 2018 does its best to fill shelves and empty bank accounts, in the third month of the year, it’s not at all unreasonable to take a step back and try to qualify some of these new releases. You know, ask yourself if you really need another deco of a figure you already recently acquired.

Now, I didn’t say I’m going to do that. Hell, I’m going to be no help at all. I’m just making the suggestion.

When it comes to a variation on the damn finest Deathstroke figure ever made, with some sweet new deco and additional weapons, I don’t even consider that a “decision” made on my part. I had to get it on, man. I had to get it on.

Still, under that very reflective tin, we are still getting the same figure as the standard version, with some re-appropriated PX Punisher weapons. If you’re interested in the overall quality and articulation (which are very, very good), please check my previous Deathstroke review.

So, what is new to this figure is a gorgeous “stealth” armored paintjob over clothing that is very similar to the Punisher’s basic gear. That may sound simple, and it kinda is, but simple has a knack for being very effective. The armor plates are done in a light gunmetal, with an almost pearly quality to it. The belts and pouches are black with some weathering. And the orange is replace with just a shot of gold on the helmet. On top of all that, there is some fine silver detailing to bring out thr wear and tear. It’s probably fairly consistent with the effect used on the regular one, but the colors here help them show up a bit more. The deco draws pretty direct inspiration from the look of Slade from the original Teen Titans show, although he has worn darker versions of his uniform in the books previously. The point is, this is a menacing paintjob for an already intimidating figure.

Much like Wade pilfered some of PX Punisher’s  stores for his release, Slade maybe just shops the same armorer. This version gets the addition of the Accuracy International rifle, the MP5 pistol, and the FN grenade launcher (though that one is from movie Batman.) All three have a matching paint to the HK and Glock he carries over from the standard version, but they still look spanky.

One thing I don’t know if I noted last time is that while Deathstroke lacks a designated left trigger hand, the left “handguard” hand can work in a pinch.  I know Slade occasionally shoots with his “ghost” eye in the comics, but that is…. kinda silly.

Slade does come with his other accesories,  namely the sword and the unmasked head. The sword has a little repainting to match the armor, but the head is unchanged. Although there is something about that look on this figure that grabs me even more than. His predecessor.

Again, I am no help to you discerning buyers. If there was another deco they could throw more guns in with, I’d buy that too. This figure is just damn good. But, if you haven’t purchased the regular version, and you were tempted, definitely get this one.