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Mattel: DC Multiverse Batwoman, Jessica Cruz, and Clayface

Trust me, I have been wanting a Batwoman figure for the better part of a decade, and she is cool, but when it comes to this new DC Multiverse assortment, the only thing you need to know is Clayface. Clayface. Clayface. CLAYFACE.

Yeah, so Clayface — we will get to him in just a bit, but — SPOILER ALERT(!) — he is awesome. However, I have had a Clayface in my Mattel DC collection for a while now, but what I have NOT had are Batwoman and Jessica Cruz Green Lantern figures, and now, well, I do. They, along with Superman, Two Face, and Martian Manhunter (all of whom, I will be getting to in a future installment), make up  the standard series to build this monstrous Clayface, and comprise a pretty strong new wave overall.

I wil admit, ever since the demise of the proper DC Universe Classics line, my DC figure buying has declined steeply. I am collector of iconic looks for characters who I know and love, and really, that has not been the focus of the Mattel lines since DCUC ended. That is okay, I guess. I know that not every line is supposed to appeal directly to my tastes, but I really do miss collecting DC action figures on a more regular basis. But even though I have a lot of holes in my collection I would like to fill, I definitely take what I can when I can by this point, so I do still get excited when new unique characters come along, or even upgrades to previous figures. That is what is going on with these three figures, so let’s take a look at them.


Batwoman has a long, if not overly storied, history in DC Universe. Through a couple of different incarnations (Kathy and Kate), Batwoman has been in and out (mostly out) of the spotlight in the DCU since the Silver Age. However, ever since the character’s modern re-introduciton, she has been very popular, and this new figure captures of the look of the Rebirth version of the character. I have always found this red and black look very striking, so I am really glad to have this figure, and overall, it is a pretty strong offering. Along with the Four Horsemen, Mattel has been keeping the sculpting strong, but have upped the game in terms of new body types with increased articulation.

Since the end of DCUC, more natural hip articulation has been seeping into the figures, and this figure enjoys that improvement. Additionally, I am glad to see the double-knee joints continuing in these new base frames because the increased range of movement is nice to finally have as a regular expectation in 2018. What the Mattel team needs to target next is the front-facing rocker ankle peg joint because the straight hinge on this figure really kills some of the possible posing, especially for an athletic and nimble character. That said, this is a striking figure that will fit in seamlessly with my large DCUC collection, and I appreciate finally getting Batwoman added to the roster.


Jessica Cruz was introduced to the DC Universe a few years ago, and in contrary fashion to the typical Green Lantern protocol, she was forced into accepting her ring. The form weapon of the evil Power Ring (of Crime Syndicate fame), Jessica learned how to control her weapon/fashion accessory under the tutelage of Hal Jordan himself. Since her introduction, she has had dealings with the New Gods, contracted the AMAZO virus, and has served well in the Green Lantern Corps. Not a bad run thus far.

Jessica’s figure capture’s her look well, and enjoys all of the strengths of the Batwoman figure. The overall articulation scheme is good, but, again, the ankles need an upgrade fro sure. I like her costume quite a bit, and it is unique but it still fits in well with the other GLC figures in my collection. The Power Battery is nice too, and is, of course, an essential inclusion with any self-respecting GL. There are four power effects included as well, and those nice to use for some action posing, but I find them to be a bit weird for the most part. I will not lie and say I was dying for this character in my collection, but she is a good looking figure (I like the Lantern eye thing), and will go great with my Corps display.


Okay, yes, obviously I was in for this entire series to get his new Clayface Collect and Connect figure, and does NOT disappoint. I was a bit worried at first since the final figure changed a bit since I first saw the prototype a couple of Toy Fairs ago. However, the final product turned our really nice to me, and frankly, I am thankful to have this figure. Yes, I have had a Clayface in my collection for a long time, and it is great, but I have been living in constant fear of those rubbery arms decaying over time. However, I can put that fear aside now because this figure is built well, and is grotesquely beautiful. I thought I would be a little put off by his giant size as first, but I am not bothered by it at all, and Mattel really did a nice job engineering a great sculpt by the Horsemen.

Despite the large and bulky build, this figure is remarkably posable, and I have to say that he is more adaptable than even the more lithe standard figures. The short legs keep everything balanced well, but the range of motion in the arms is nice, and I really, REALLY appreciate the jaw hinge and, even more so, those fluid front facing rocker ankles. They add so much to posing, and I have to say, this is one of the best figures of a Bat Rogue I have in my collection. Yes, he is of a certain color that could inspire some, ahem, bathroom humor, but really, whether he is fighting Batman, or Jay and Silent Bob, you can and SHOULD find a place in your collection for this figure. It is really, really nice.

Overall, I am really happy with these three figure in my collection, especially, Clayface. If you are an old DCUC collector like me, these three should fit in well with your collection, and I definitely recommend them. You can get your pre-order in BBTS right now, and getting the entire set is worth it for Clayface alone. I will be back soon to cover the rest of the figures in the assortment.

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  1. Where i can get that Batwoman figurine? I’ve been looking for it like crazy….

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