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Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Solo Wave 1 Carded Images

Oooo, carded shots of Lando, Han, Range Trooper, Jawa and the Death Star Trooper from Hasbro’s Black Series Solo wave 1? Internet, you shouldn’t have!

Nothing galaxy-shattering here, we’ve seen most of it before, but I like seeing the box pictures of each character. Before it goes into the trash. Still, interesting.

Our plucky hero of the movie, Han himself. Someone pointed out that the body would probably work for a Red Hood custom, colors and all. Hmm.

I’ve seen the Range Trooper promotional pic and then the prototype (or finished figure) in person last weekend at Toy Fair and I’m still just noticing that the visor is gold. So observant. And I review these damn things for a living. I should probably keep my resume handy.

Even with the pic a little dark and grainy Lando is looking like a suave mother…

The Jawa is a re-release, which isn’t a bad thing for those who missed the 40th wave 2 or want to army build a pack of scavengers. I just would have liked to see something different about it, change it up a little. Something.

Also a reissue but with a new name, the Death Star Trooper sports a Photo Real face, which lines up with what I was told at Toy Fair. All human faces will utilize the technique going forward. And I couldn’t be happier. THIS is how you get me to buy reissues, Hasbro.

Unfortunately there was no picture of Tarkin but his face is also printed.

EDIT: Found a picture of Tarkin carded:

Did Hasbro just sell me on a case of these, or did I sell myself on a case? Damn it…