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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Lizard Series Prowler and Spider-Woman

I told you we would be back! As promised, we are all ML all the time this week, and we have the second installment of our Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Lizard wave ready for your perusal. Prowler and Spider-Woman are taking center stage this time around, and, just like the previous entry, there are some good surprises with this group.

Also, like the previous entry, the bulk of this feature is handled via the buddy-cop style review Robo and I put together over the weekend, so to see our initial reactions and discussions, please check out the video. I have a few additional thoughts and some pictures to share afterwards, so static text and still shots are more you cuppa tea, you can head there now.


As mentioned in the video, I am always pleased to get a classic, or in the case of Prowler, a semi-classic Spider-Man villain, and overall, Prowler is a pretty good entry. However, he is kind of the opposite of Mysterio in terms of the direction of my thoughts after having the figure for a few days. He does look nice, but there are some proportion issues that make the figure look a little funky. He has a wide torso, and long thighs, but his shins look really short, so it kind of throws everything off. As Robo said in the video, the figure looks a LOT better in action poses than just a vanilla, standing up straight stance, so while I usually keep most of my figures in a relatively plain pose, Prowler will definitely have a dynamic touch to help minimize the wonky proportions.

Also, like Mysterio, the cape peg issue continues to persist with this figure. This time, it is like the peg is just in the wrong place on cape because to causes to the “scarf” portion to float more around the middle of the face, rather than about the neck, when the peg is inserted. So, I will be keeping the peg out of the back to let the collar lay more accurately, but that causes the cape to kind of “float” behind the figure. In the end, this might cause me to just remove the peg entirely and quite specifically cut my losses. Finally, in regards to the “Cyclops syndrome” of falling down pieces, the little capsule holsters about the shins that Robo put into place during the video are still holding firmly, so I am going to forego any gluing if this continues.

Prowler is a good addition to the Rogues and is nice on his own, but I think he will be overshadowed by others in this series. Like the next figure …


More than any other figure in the assortment, this is the one that, on the surface, I would have been perfectly okay with not getting if the Build-A-Figure requirement were not there. I mean, I have ZERO point of reference for this costume past this figure, and while it has a pretty good design to it, it is nothing mind-blowing, and is certainly not “iconic.” That said, this new Spider-Woman is a very solid figure that I have ended up really liking, and while MY iconic version of the character is the old Jessica Drew costume we got in ML a few years ago, this new costume looks great with the street level characters like Daredevil and Punisher.

So yeah, I really like this figure, and even though I mentioned the costume is not anything overly exciting, it’s well designed and certainly not offensive to the eyes, so I think that should be a benchmark of success. This figure really shines with the new head and hair sculpt, though, and while there have been a lot of good female offerings in ML as of late, she might be the best. The eyes are painted well, the face is pleasant but serious, and the hair is just generic enough that it can get a lot of future use if Hasbro wants to play it that way. Oh, and since the glasses are removable, that makes it all even better.

I know I was pleased more than I thought I would be with Spider-Punk, but that was kind of destined to happen. With Spider-Woman I’m getting a figure I did not know I even needed, but have ended up really loving. The surprises of new toys are something I will never grow tired of, that is for sure.

That wraps it up for today’s installment. Come back next time as we will complete our look at the standard figures in the series!