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Best of 2017: Mafex Homecoming Spider-Man

If you’ve read any of the previous best of 2017 articles, you have seen almost each writer toss out that 2017 was another great year for toys. Which is totally true. For me however, 2017 was a REALLY great year for toys.  Like really, truly great.  So many figures that wowed me.  Truthfully each successive years seems to top the last.  As a collector, it’s exactly what you want, but at the end of each year it seems to get harder and harder to pick just one to call your ultimate favorite.  I mean the year started off for me with getting S.H. Figuarts Suicide Squad Harley.  I almost could have stopped there and picked her as figure of the year because she’s so great, but this guy came in just under the wire and was my very last figure of the year and ultimately ended up being my favorite.

I picked Mafex Homecoming Spidey over Harley because he’s just more fun to play with.  Both are awesomely sculpted figures.  Both are great representations of their respective movie characters.  Both are insanely well crafted overall.  It’s just that with Mafex Spidey,  I finally have a Spider-Man figure that I can  put into any crazy Spidey-ish pose I want.  He’s one of those figures you can never put down long enough to become part of the shelf display.  He’s definitely hand candy and I love him for that.

Besides being super poseable, Spidey also comes packed with an amazing amount of accessories that really add to his value. Alternate heads, hands, feet, and web attachments allow you recreate or imagine up just about any Spidey pose.  Alternate magnetic feet and hands have turned the doors of my stainless steel fridge into his nightly home when  I’m not playing with him.

This is not only my favorite figure of the year this is one of my favorites of all time.  It’s seriously that good.  The sculpt, the articulation, the accessories, and the playability are just off the charts.  If you’re a fan of the movie, or of Spidey in general, this is a must have for your collection.

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