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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Resistance Tech Rose Quick Pics

We are less than a week out from the premier of a new Star Wars movie, and because I tend to avoid all marketing leading up to the release of a new Star Wars installment, my only exposure to new characters and possible new plot points come to me through the toy aisles I frequently find myself wandering through. So when I found the newest Black Series wave at my local Target this past weekend, I was faced with the prospect of picking up a figure based on a character I have never seen nor heard of before, but it’s Star Wars, right? So I figured I couldn’t go wrong. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the newest member of the Resistance: Rose!


Packaging is the usual Black Series black/red box. The description on the back is the only context I have to work with until I see the movie, so, sure,  it sounds like she helps keep some ships flying. Cool.

The figure itself is actually a pretty cool design. So far, I’m getting the impression that Rose is being positioned as a take-no-guff tough lady who can rival Chewbacca in terms of mechanical prowess. These are all assumptions, of course, but that’s what I can glean from her uniform. The sculpt is well done, presenting her in a rather “gender neutral” fashion, thanks to the jump suit. The only thing traditionally “feminine” about her is her haircut.

Rose’s head sculpt is tight and clean with sparse paint apps. Her expression is the usual neutral that Hasbro tends to favor, but sometimes I think it conveys some sharp-witted attitude, but I’m probably just projecting.

For accessories, she comes with a little I-have-no-idea-what-this-thing-is. I guess it’s some sort of tool she uses since it attaches to her belt? Or maybe it’s a communicator? Or maybe she vapes? Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Her rifle is one we’ve seen before, but the metallic, copper paint apps make it look pretty cool.

Articulation-wise, she has a surprisingly good range of motion, particularly in her elbows. They’re simple swivel/hinge joints, but she can get well beyond the expected 90 degree bend. Otherwise, she can get into just about any pose I think she needs to be in so far. Thanks to her double-jointed knees, she can even get into a quasi-crouching stance.

I can’t help shake the feeling that she should be smaller, but she’s just slightly taller than General Leia (who is very short in stature — I have to remind myself of that). I like the figure, and I’m curious to see what her role in The Last Jedi will actually be. Hopefully she gets some quality screen time.

I found her at Target, along with Snoke, so her wave should be popping up all over soon. In the meantime, she can be ordered at Amazon.

16 thoughts on “Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Resistance Tech Rose Quick Pics

  1. After just seeing the last Jedi, the device she has on hand is a taser, if you’ve already seen the movie by the time you see this comment then ignore this completely

  2. That makes sense… They prob had the method of printing for mass production locked down months in advance….

  3. They’ve always said Rey and Rex would be the first to use that, and it wouldn’t be until late winter/early spring.

  4. I thought by now they would be using the same method of face printing as the Netflix wave!

  5. Zuvio’s figure was pretty cool and when he stars in his own trilogy you won’t be sorry you picked him up!

  6. Since Zuvio didn’t have any screentime in TFA, I’ve made it a point to wait until I know what the character does in the film before getting it. This looks good for a generic background character in a display at least.

  7. IMDB says the actress is an inch taller than Carrie was, and the figure’s not THAT much bigger. I dig it. Can’t wait for her.

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