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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Ultimate Riders Press Photos

We saw these hit the Hasbro Pulse Instagram account late last month, but now, Hasbro has released the official pictures of Ghost Rider and Black Widow!

Coming in Spring of 2018, Ghost Rider and Flame Cycle and Black Widow with Motorcycle make up the first assortment (of hopefully many) of the Ultimate Riders releases in Marvel Legends. There is not really any new information to share, but I would bet these start finding their way to retailers sooner than later.

As we impatiently wait, please enjoy the pictures!

7 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Ultimate Riders Press Photos

  1. I actually have this Ghost Rider on a Maisto right now. It does run slightly small for the figure, but it’s absolutely doable. I have him on the Sons of Anarchy bike, and instead of his leg bending at a right angle, like the main character of the show when he’s on his bike, Ghost Rider’s legs have to bend a little more than 90 degrees. Looks great otherwise. Insofar as head goes; I haven’t touched it in a while, but I’ve customized this buck into a Red Skull, and the head works like a charm, so unless the flames get in the way of the head, it shouldn’t be a problem. I would think getting him to lean forward to where he needs to look up would be a bigger problem than actually looking up.

    I don’t know if I can pose Black Widow on bike with her little logo on it, so I figure she’ll look perfect on a Maisto.

  2. Yeah, it is a blue repaint of the original black. I am normally a black outfit fan, but I think this one just got me to flip.

  3. Agreed. I’ll have to see it in person. I’m also wondering if the figure can look up enough for a believable bike-riding pose. I think the figure looks nice — and the bike does, too — but I am wondering about scale issues. If the figure’s articulation works out, perhaps it would look okay with a Maisto 1:12 cycle?

  4. Is Ghost Rider pretty much a straight repack of the Rhino series figure, just with brighter blue trim on the costume (and a cool bike, of course)? Fine with me, if so — just curious.

  5. I really LOVE Black Widow, but seeing those two side by side I don’t think this figure and bike compare well to Ghost Rider at the same price. It’s just much smaller and duller looking…

  6. I wonder how these are gonna look… I still got some bikes from the old ToyBiz first FF4 Human Torch and Bike pack… I also got the bikes that came with some X-Men figures from the last stand alone line ToyBiz produced… They go really well with current Marvel Legends…

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