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Bandai S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Nappa

NAPPA! NAAAAPPPPPAAAA!!!! One of the most powerful Saiyans, Nappa, finally makes his appearance in Bandai’s Dragon Ball Z line. It’s a fantastic figure a huge piece of plastic and worth every penny.

Nappa is a Saiyan and a member of Frieza’s army. He’s second in command to Vegeta, but as per Dragon Ball style, he wasn’t strong enough to beat Goku. He eventually met his demise at the hands of Vegeta in a mercy kill.

Nappa is a huge chunk of plastic and tons of fun. The figure is beautifully sculpted, capturing the iconic look of Nappa from the manga and anime. The bulk and heft of the figure is the part that keeps me coming back to pose and play with the figure. The best part is the head sculpts. There are multiple head sculpts with this figure and each and every one is fun as hell to pop on and off.

I was really worried about Nappa’s articulation. With the figure being so big and bulky, I thought there was no way that this figure was going to be able to pose, and I was wrong! Nappa has an amazing range of motion for an action figure of this bulk. The only area where the range of motion is limited is in the armpits, but that’s a minor issue compared to what the rest of the figure is capable of.

As mentioned before, he comes with a bunch of heads and hands, pretty standard fare for S.H. Figuarts. There is also his energy fireball, which can be posed on the packaged stand.

I love this figure and I’m super happy that my youngest son is collecting the Dragon Ball S.H Figuarts as it gives me an opportunity to have these figures in-hand. The worst part is that I want them all now. And you will too, you can pick them up here: