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Mattel: Choosing 5 Iconic WWE Epic Moment sets



About two weeks ago, a new list of upcoming WWE figures was leaked/released. For me, the most interesting was the reveal of the third WWE Epic Moments set — Milk-a-Mania.

This captures the infamous moment when Kurt Angle sprayed The Alliance with the contents of a milk truck. It was a fun riff on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s beer bath from a few years back, but was it truly an Epic Moment? Probably not. At least the set finds Mattel finally experimenting with alternate head sculpts: one normal and one milk-doused Stephanie McMahon head. I’m excited about those possibilities, and if two head sculpts could eventually come into the Elite line.

For now, I thought it’d be fun to come up with some other Epic Moments. I only limited my list to things that could possibly be done in a two-pack set with a limited amount of accessories. And for the most part with no one on the outs of the WWE. It’s crazy how many legit memorable moments involve Hulk Hogan.

Triple H vs. Cactus Jack (No Way Out 2000)


While Triple H was still developing into a top tier wrestler, his most infamous match was against Cactus Jack. This was the match that best legitimized Triple H in the eyes of the casual and hardcore fan. This set could include a cage section to reference their Hell in a Cell match, a flaming barbed wire bat, a bag of thumbtacks and a removable cloth flannel shirt for Cactus Jack.

Match Made in Heaven (Summerslam 1992)

match made in heaven

Mattel can’t help itself in cranking out Macho Man Randy Savage figures. The Macho Man has had many iconic moments and attires, but this gold and white tux would look sweet. Miss Elizabeth’s matching wedding gown would also be sweet. This set could include white steps and a couple of gift boxes with one including a snake to hint at the Macho Man/Jake the Snake feud.

Prime Time Wrestling

VeeBee and I have talked about this being maybe the most obvious Epic Moment for 80s fans. This would simply be Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan behind the Prime Time Wrestling desk. There’s no way we can call this a true WWE collection without Gorilla and The Weasel. This set would include a very simple cardboard backdrop and a desk and two chairs. Throw in some random old school WWF merchandise like Wrestling Buddies and this would be the centerpiece set of many Flashback fans.

Piper’s Pit

Piper's Pit

This is another seemingly no-brainer use of this format. Rowdy Roddy Piper held court with every WWF superstar. Mattel has done several Piper figures, but none have really captured him all that well. Piper would definitely benefit from multiple heads as he could come with a cocky bastard 85 heel era head and a smiling mullet head from 92. The beauty of this is Mattel could pair Piper up with anyone. But if there’s any way he’s back in semi-acceptable graces, this is the ideal time to release a Jimmy Superfly Snuka figure with tights and bare feet.

Ric Flair reforms the 4 Horsemen

Ric Flair reforms the Four Horsemen

This was one of Flair’s last great moments in WCW. He’d been in a heated legal battle with WCW head honcho Eric Bischoff and when he returned, he got the long-awaited chance to cut loose and let everyone know how he felt.

Clearly, Mattel can’t pack five figures in this set, but Flair in his tux would make for a cool variant and finally give us the short-haired bowl cut Flair rocked in his later years. Four the other figure, what about Mongo? There’s probably no other way to get a Mongo figure out. And he at least understood his role with the Horsemen. If he’s not viable, why not include an Eric Bischoff figure? This was the era of Eazy E and a smart time to get the n.W.o. financier a new figure.

So that’s my list. What would you like to see Mattel take a crack at in the Epic Moments line?

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14 thoughts on “Mattel: Choosing 5 Iconic WWE Epic Moment sets

  1. Also, his personal life is a bit of train wreck. He recently asked people via his FB page if it was okay to have sex with a girl he *thought* was his daughter, but recently found out she is NOT his daughter (biologically), because he has really been wanting to do so.

    I would bet WWE doesn’t wanna touch that.

  2. He’s on The List right now — not Jericho’s, but the concussion lawsuit one. None of those guys can get made right now.

  3. There is a milk doused Stephanie McMahon figure? I think that may actually end up being more inappropriate looking than the old TTL version with no underwear.

  4. Ugh, I want that Prime Time Wrestling set more than just about anything else from this line at this point.

  5. UT/Mankind with cell portions would be cool.

    What would be different from previously released Warrior and HTM? I thought Mattel went with that look for him to tie in with the Warrior?

    Luger/Yoko would be fun.

    Fun Kid/Razor idea.

    We need both of these guys in Elite form so I’m down with a Sid Justice and Flair Rumble set.

  6. Oh, definitely not suggesting Benoit. Just Flair and maybe Mean Gene.

    demoncat, did you miss out on the DM Warrior and Savage from that match? They’re some of Mattel’s best figures.

  7. Michaels / Janetti “Barber Shop” would be great except they can’t currently do Janetti. :-p

    Piper / Snuka “Piper’s Pit” would be great except they can’t currently do Snuka. :-p

    Sting / Hogan from Sting’s title win would be great except they can’t currently do Hogan. :-p

    Feasible ones I’d love to see–

    Undertaker / Mankind from the Hell in a Cell match

    Ultimate Warrior / Honkey Tonk Man from Summer Slam 1998

    Luger bodyslamming Yokozuna on the Intrepid

    The Kid upsetting Razor Ramon on Raw (or maybe the $10,000 rematch since it’d be a new color trunks for Razor)

    Sid Justice and Ric Flair from the end of the 92 Rumble

  8. the macho wedding. plus the hell in the cell of mankind vs the undertaker. and i think the prime time wrestling one would be perfect and a nice tribute to bobby the brain since he recently passed. as for the four horse man there is no way mattel would ever release the version that included chris beniot . maybe the original version . plus would like the macho king vs the warrior match set that brought back miss elibeth and lead up the wedding .

  9. Awesome ideas. I really want Piper’s Pit and Primetime Wrestling. We definitely need a Gorilla Monsoon.

  10. Would like to see The Macho Wedding
    Also the end of the Rockers – Michaels’ super kick through the window on Jannety.

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