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Third Party: Darth Maul Robes by FIGlot Video and Quick Pics

Let’s keep today’s cloth theme going with a quick look at a set of robes for your Darth Maul action figure!

My whole reason for ordering this cloak is to plan ahead when it comes to the release of the S.H. Figuarts Bloodfin speeder. It may be the posing making him float above the seat but it also may be the included lower tunic not allowing him to sit all the way down on the vehicle. Either way, I thought I’d shoot for alternatives just in case. Plus Maul wore his heavy outer robes when riding it in the movie so I’m also shooting for a little more accuracy.

My usual go-to when it comes to robes is rickhor409 on eBay but there was something a little off about his Maul robes (currently out of stock). I liked the look of the FIGlot robes better, and he sells on both Amazon and eBay. Again, both are sold out, but keep an eye out if you’re interested. Both rickhor and FIGlot restock at random intervals.

This robe has it’s downfalls. It doesn’t have the ruffles from the movie and it doesn’t exactly close in the front. But it looks damn fantastic hanging on him. Especially the hood. It takes some fiddling but I was able to take all of these shots without wetting it down. Impressive.

I inadvertently made myself like the Hero Mashers Bloodfin too. This isn’t exactly a review of it but as you can see in the pics, it’ll do in a pinch. It lacks a lot of detail and some parts are overly exaggerated but with a paint job and some tweaks I feel like it could be a nice display piece. And cheap, running $15 on Amazon.


Prom shots:


3 thoughts on “Third Party: Darth Maul Robes by FIGlot Video and Quick Pics

  1. I picked up one of these robes from this seller, too. I’m not the biggest fan of soft goods robes for this scale, but Maul needs a robe for his speeder. I wish someone would make a quality robe for the Black series Leia next. The one Hasbro provides is awful.

  2. Great pointing out the Hero Mashers speeder, as some of us would rather not shell out the $50+ that bandai will inevitably ask for. Great pictures and another handy resource for customizing or collection. Keep up the great work and please, more articulated icons!

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