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Thank The Maker: Star Wars Action Figure Display Bleachers

Since the Star Wars franchise is currently in an annual movie release cycle, we have been getting a LOT of action figures to support the ongoing film projects. So, if you are like me and are an avid collector, you definitely need a place to display your figures. Well, Thank The Maker has a new solution that not only looks great, but is perfect for maximizing shelf space.

One of my favorite things about this hobby is when talented people make cool things to help supplement their action figures and overall collections. We have covered a lot of third party add-on kits, full customs, and even environment pieces in depth on this site in the past, but I am always on the lookout for something new and different. So, when I saw a link to these Action Figure Bleachers by Thank the Maker, I was instantly intrigued, so I had to check out the details on their Facebook page. What I found were some cool display bleachers, all in the spirit of a galaxy far, far away, and available in three different models: New Hope, Empire, and Return.

Well, it didn’t take very many photos of these painted and displayed with several figures from different scales to get me to jump, so I decided to try one out, and I went for the “Return” model. As instructed, I sent a message with my order, and what followed was a very friendly and helpful correspondence that covered all of the details of the production of my set, with helpful updates and instructions to assist with the assembly once they arrived. It was very clear that this is a set that you assemble and paint and make your own, but that was something I welcomed, so I really anticipated the arrival.

My set arrived promptly, and it was well packed, and all of the parts arrived in perfect condition. These bleachers are made of a sturdy wood and laser cut for exact angles and measurements. These come in several pieces, and while you only need a rubber mallet to get everything together, there are several steps needed to correctly assemble them. Thankfully, a detailed but easy to follow instruction guide, so I was quickly on my way to assembling my new project. Most everything came together in relatively simple and straightforward fashion, but you do need to be somewhat handy to ensure you follow the direction correctly and work the wooden pieces together as intended. Some of the tabs are a tight fight as that helps with stability, but if you take your time and give some care, everything will go smoothly.

Once assembled, these are VERY sturdy and can accommodate a LOT of figures. I pretty much only collect 1:12 scale figures, so several of my Black Series and S.H. Figuarts have a new home, and they display beautifully. Before they were ready for the figures, though, I hit these with a couple coats of black spray paint and then added the included translucent red panels behind the front of each step to give these the needed “imperial” feel to pull it all together. Now, I am not the most skilled person in the world when it comes to customizing stuff like this, but I have to say, this was an easy build, especially when the ultimate outcome is so impressive, and I am really, really happy with these.

All of the platforms are wide enough to easily accommodate most standard Black Series figures, and if 1:18 is more your bag, you have nothing to worry about. The height of each step allows enough space to be able to see the figure directly behind and you can get anywhere from about three to figure figures per step. So, while these are fairly compact all things considered, they can hold a LOT of figures. However, I am not one to overcrowd here because the coolest feature of these is that there is a built in light scaffold on the back that allows you add lighting that will shine through the clear red plastic to light the steps “just like you remember.” All models of this feature as appropriate and I feel this is what really sets them apart and can instantly become the focus of your entire intergalactic display.

I am very happy with these bleachers and I would highly recommend them. They look great, they are sturdy, and since they come unpainted, you can dress them up however you like. Trust me, I’m near the bottom rung when it comes to painting and whatnot, so I am positive there are going o be a lot of really cool custom paint jobs as more people start getting these. I can only hope to help get the message out on these because I really do love them and I already have my sites set on at least one more “Return” set, and probably a couple of the “Empire” sets. So, I really do recommend these.

Thank the Maker has put together some instructional information and extra details in some videos, so be sure to check them out here. Oh, and if you have any further questions, post them below and I will do my best to answer them.

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  1. I went to Walmart and in the lighting section there are some LED lights that have a remote control light switch. the lights come with sticky velcro that you could attach on the back. then the wall switch can also be velcro on to the wall! WALA!

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