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Super7: Power-Con Exclusive MOTUC Terroar, Lord Gr’Asp, and Plasmar

Super7 had two Power-Con exclusive three-packs this year, one themed around comic versions of existing figures and one featuring three characters that were developed for the original line but were never released. Today we are going to look at the latter three-pack including Terroar, Lord Gra’asp, and Plasmar!

The three-packs are packaged in similar window-boxes to previous three-packs like the Star Sisters and the Fighting Foe Men from the MOTUC line.

The back of the box features some really beautiful artwork and some interesting bios. There is even a cameo from another unproduced figure, the white ninja.

These characters were developed for the vintage MOTU line, similar to MOTUC figure Strobo, and even had card-back art from Errol McCarthy.

According to his bio, Lord Gra’Asp is a Snake Man who has served many masters including Horde Prime, The Unnamed One, Hssss, and Lady Slither. The guy gets around. He comes with a shield. I think the staff is supposed to go with Terroar, but it works for Gr’Asp.

The name of the game on this unproduced wave was parts reuse, so the MOTUC figure reuses the basic body, Scareglow’s cape, Clawful’s claw, and Sssqueeze’s head. This figure I think exemplifies the aesthetic of the three-pack as almost bootleg, Fuerza T-style parts mash-up figures. The black and yellow paint scheme on the head in particular recalls to me the old Craven figure from the MOTU knockoff line Warrior Beasts.

I’m a big fan of old MOTU knock offs and the Fuerza T figures, so this guy is right up my alley. He’s really bizarre looking, kind of like Phantom of the Opera meets Killer Croc, and I dig it.

The articulation is MOTUC standard, but they made changes to the ankle rockers so that they now work like Marvel Legends or Articulated Icons and have a swivel at the foot. It’s so much more helpful for stable posing, especially on a guy with a big cape.

The paint is pretty simple, but fairly clean. I like the design on the claw, but the teeth feel a little rushed and unfinished.

Plasmar derives his laser weapon powers from a shard of the Gem of Tamage, the same item that powered Sir Laser-Lot from the MOTUC line. It kind of makes sense because his armor is reused from that figure. Plasmar comes with two blasters from Rio Blast and a Horde Crossbow, the idea being that he can create any weapon he’s seen in plasma.

I like the idea for his weapons and the color scheme is pretty nifty. Normally I wouldn’t care for reusing a regular human face, but it’s really effective in a different color for me. The odd thing for me was that he has snakeman legs. The bio explains that he has a vendetta against Snakemen and actually wears their hides for clothing.

That sure explains the legs, but is one of the more messed up heroic bios I’ve read. The articulation is MOTUC standard, but the legs are hindered a bit by the thigh armor. The foot articulation does not swivel well here at all, so that’s a little disappointing.

Another annoyance is that his guns kept falling out of the forearm sockets, but I love the way they look up when lit with a laser pointer. The paint is pretty slick with a really nice and not often seen metallic blue/green on the armor that makes this guy pretty unique.

Finally we come to Terroar. Terroar is an evil, extradimensional-sound creature that formed himself by absorbing qualities from warriors he encountered on Eternia. I guess that explains his hodge-podge look, but ultimately all I need to know is he’s another Snakeman.

Terroar comes with three attachments for his Trap-Jaw-styled arm and a standard Snakeman staff. Bad thing about the staff is that his had is such a hard durometer of plastic, that I almost feel like I’m damaging it putting the staff in his hand.

That also applies to his Rattlor-borrowed neck. The hard plastic makes it tough to swap without applying heat to the figure. That’s a bit of a disappointment and kind of irritating when shooting pictures, but I suspect it will be less of an issue over time as I pick a pose I like and stick with it on the shelf. Fortunately the Trap Jaw accessories all swap easily.

Terroar also has the standard MOTUC articulation, but the new ankle tilts do not work at all with the Mosquitor boots. The paint is fairly plain, being blank plastic for the most part. I saw a custom paint job by MOTUdude on Instagram where he added a wash that made this figure pop.

That said, I really like the combination of Snake Men body parts and Whiplash’s head. Sure, it would be nice to have an open mouth for a character that supposedly has sonic scream powers, but the parts here add up to a cool-looking figure.

Overall I’m pleased that I picked these weirdos up and I think they are going make a great addition to the MOTUC collection. I could really go for the Snake/Horde Troopers and White Ninja that were also proposed in the original vintage lineup with these characters.