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Creepy Company: My Pet Monster Vinyl Figure

I have never had any My Pet Monster representation within my action figure collection, but this new limited edition vinyl from Creepy Co. is a great way to check a beloved nostalgia property off of my “need” list.

I have to admit, I never had the iconic My Pet Monster plush as a kid. Oh trust me, I wanted one, and I had several occasions to get one, but there was always something I wanted just a little more, so the poor guy was ofttimes the bridesmaid, but he never left the store shelf with me. That seems remarkably lame at this point because the giant plush was so impressive, but I suppose if I could go back to tell the kid me something, getting one of these would not be the first I tell, but I definitely would mention it.

Now, as a collector, I have gone back and gotten several vintage items I wanted to reclaim from my youth, along with some things I never owned before but always wanted. Unfortunately, My Pet Monsters never fit into that because I have a thing about not wanting to buy used plush (it grosses me out), and really, I am an action figure collector above all else. So this new figure is right up my alley since I get the MPM representation in my collection in a format and scale that are perfect.

Overall, I like the design choices made for this figure, and while it comes with some pretty standard vinyl stylization, nothing is too overblown. I do not own a ton of vinyl figures, and a lot of that comes from the fact they are too stylized, and I like my figures to be pretty much straight interpretations of the source material. Like I said, the design cues are not overblown, they are definitely there, but the fact that this is an interpretation of a plush, rather than a one to one with another action figure helps my brain reconcile the some of those designs. Creepy Co. (which is new to me) has done a good job with balancing all of this, and while some things, like a disproportionately large head and hard lines for the fur, do stand out, it all works together nicely, and for the lone representation of My Pet Monster in my collection, I am really enjoying this.

As you can see, the sculpt is crisp and clean and accomplishes what it sets out to do, and the paint lines are also clean in most places as well. The colors of the original plush stood out as bold and eye-catching and that carries forward here, and I really enjoy the blues, greens, and oranges used throughout. MPM has a face that only millions of kids could love and his big shnozz is definitely the centerpiece, and I like that it is one of the most straightforward parts of this figure from original, as it has always been great. I know it is weird to point out the artistic interpretation of a nose, but in this case, it seems worth mentioning. The big thing, though, is that the expression, especially in the eyes and mouth, is just perfect and recalls the vintage plush and the iconic look that you always picture in your head. Creepy Co. really nailed that.

Again, this is a vinyl figure, so it is hollow, and in being so, it is very light for its size. That doesn’t really affect anything, but I am used to a certain heft that comes with scale and proportions like these, so it still kind of surprises me with how heavy he is not. Also typical of vinyl figures is the fact that the articulation is limited. Creepy Co. makes no bones about this, and even calls it “semi-articulated” on the box, so it is not trying to be anything it is not. The head can rotate 360 degrees, as can both wrists, and the arms are cut to move up and down. Really, for this property, that is enough for me, and the figure can get into some expressive poses that matches the personality of the character.

This is my first experience with Creepy Co., and I have to say it has been a good one. Now that I am aware of them, I will be watching because the do offer some fun stuff. I am really glad to have My Pet Monster in some form for the first time in my life, so even though there have been some chances for things in the past, this vinyl figure is the one that really spoke to me. Now, this figure is a limited edition of 500, but surprisingly, it is still available at the Creepy Co. website, and it will set you back $60, which is actually a pretty price for a limited vinyl figure. If you are an MPM fan, this should be right up your alley.