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Medicom: MAFEX Justice League and Batman Begins Promotional Images

Medicom is still going at the Batman Nolan Trilogy hot and heavy but to also see some official Justice League is pretty sweet!

We saw the MAFEX Scarecrow from Batman Begins a while back at an overseas show but the promo pics make it look even better. I’d even say…scarier.

You know the drill with MAFEX. Beautiful promo shots. Not indicative of the final product. But damn if they don’t snag me every time. Especially if they’re giving me and unmasked head too.


Oh, but that’s not all. We also get a lighter. A scale Zippo. Goodbye tiny Zippo, I barely knew ya.

I think at this point I’m good with accessories like that being a part of the hand sculpt. I’ll agree it wouldn’t be as neat-o that way but I’m past trying to stuff microscopic accessories in hands that may or may not be close to the right size to hold it.

Geez, I’m getting old.

Medicom doesn’t stop there. They include a cape and cowl, belt, and hands to turn the Batman Begin Batman into Demon Batman. And an extra Scarecrow mask to hold.

No details yet but you know the drill. As soon as they pop up we’ll let you know.

Even though we saw them at San Diego Comic Con it’s still nice to see Medicom moving forward with Justice League figures. First up is Superman.

I’m really hoping this one is more play-friendly than the first attempt, which was riddled with QC issues and poor engineering decisions.

The cape alone already makes this look better than the first. Throw in an alternate head and I may have to bite on this.

The Justice League Flash is a design that I’m still trying to wrap my head around but I probably just need to see it in action more.

I don’t think Medicom even knows quite what to do with it either…

But with an alternate Justin Long (I’m kidding, calm down) and the ability to nail running poses this looks like a suitable Flash figure.

And finally Batman. His first MAFEX figure was pretty sweet so the bar is set higher here.

He’s armed with gadgets and an angry alternate head.

Again, no info yet so we’ll post that as soon as it’s officially solicited.

In case you missed the MAFEX Justice League display at the Diamond booth at SDCC here’s the rest of the figures in the series.