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Customizing: “Fixing” Marvel Legends Netflix Elektra’s Arms

Some may feel this unnecessary but the Marvel Legends Netlfix Elektra’s arms were just weird to me. They bulged at the forearm and lacked range of movement. I don’t claim to be the originator of this “fix” but it does wonders for the posability of the figure. And it’s easy. Win-win.

For reference, here’s the stock Elektra.

And here’s the original range in her elbows, which are hinge and swivel.

The leg articulation is fine, excellent even, so that made the frustration at the arms even greater.

For this project you’re going to need the Marvel Legends Elektra, of course, and a Star Wars Black Series Farmboy Luke. He’ll be donating his arms. I also use a ML Silk’s pulled down face mask to spruce up the whole thing when using Elektra’s unmasked head but that is most definitely optional. The Luke arms are the biggie here.

Hasbro’s cloth shirt is actually hiding a fairly decent sculpt and an amazing articulation scheme. The arms work because of SWBS’s smaller size. You can’t use the ANH Princess Leia’s arms because they are too small for ML’s larger size.

Quit staring, he’s just working with what he was given.

The whole process is detailed in the video below but essentially you are heating and popping each set of arms and then swapping. It’s kind of amazing how well the Luke arm pegs fit into the Elektra torso, and then Elektra’s hand pegs into the Luke forearms. Almost like the were made for each other.¬†Even more amazing is the realization that the arms pop out of the torso at the shoulder. Remember back in the day when you had to drill and cut and pop and hammer to get those things out? The only bit of grind work to be done here is cutting the glove cuffs from the forearms and hollowing them out to slide over the new forearms but even then, there are other options, such as painting Rogue’s removable glove cuffs black.

Here’s a direct comparison between the new and old arms. Her right (our left) is the Luke arm and her left (our right) is the original Legends arm. Ignore the funky colors and terrible lighting, I just took this to get a 2D visual before proceeding.

The results speak for themselves. Sure, the skintones don’t match perfectly and the bicep muscles are a tad defined but the range of movement and new flow of the arms are improvements in my eyes.

Like I said, I didn’t come up with this idea, smarter people than me did this first. I had heard of it before opening my Elektra but never really researched it, then when I posted the video review I had quite a few comments suggesting it. I’m glad those people did because it turned what was probably my least favorite of the Legends Netflix offerings into standing right there alongside Jessica Jones and Punisher. I still need the Defenders version of Elektra but now this will do just fine. For now.

Now Hasbro, about those hinge and swivel elbows…

12 thoughts on “Customizing: “Fixing” Marvel Legends Netflix Elektra’s Arms

  1. Someone make Hasbro aware of this. They have the tools, itd be a nice fix for future female figures.

  2. The new farmboy biceps seem perfectly reasonably-sized to me. I know she could kick MY ass in real life!

  3. I already sold my Luke, and I don’t want to have to buy another back just to be able to do this. Oh well. :-/

  4. While I like the concept, I find that Star Wars figures double jointed elbows look gangly.
    Worst case was the 3.75 inch Luke from Degobah. Leah’s arms are distracting too.

    I like the idea of going with Luke, though. Elektra should have some muscle, even though I feel Elodie Yung is lacking.

  5. I originally thought “I’m not gonna bother doing this. Her arms are probably fine in person”. Then I picked her up yesterday and holy….

    Now Luke and my BAF Hulk have something in common. They’re both armless.

  6. Damn, this motivated me to get both a Netflix Elektra (was prob already going to, but wasn’t super excited for it) AND a Black Series Farmboy Luke (was gonna get the Figuarts instead).

  7. Yo, Skywalker! You got some nice arms… for a lady.

    I predict a massive flood of armless Farmboy Lukes overwhelming eBay any minute now.

  8. I feel that double elbows and bicep swivels are best used when holding two handed weapons – swords, rifles etc.

    In this case I swapped out Polaris’ arms to get rid of the popeye look.

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