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Bandai: New Star Wars: The Last Jedi S.H. Figuarts Reveals!

Oh man, it’s Force Friday. Well, it’s almost Force Friday. Okay, technically, it’s already Friday overseas. So what does Bandai go and do? Floods us with eight, yes, eight new S.H. Figuarts figures from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. My poor wallet…

Now we know why they have been quiet over the past few months.

First up in September….wait….September? We saw a quick turnaround with Captain Jack earlier in the year, and now we’re seeing it here. It’s to be expected though, given that both figures this month are essentially re-releases with a few tweaks. So first is the First Order Stormtrooper.

This time around it’s packed with extra pauldrons, which is a nice touch.

The body looks to be the same as the first release but the helmet has been tweaked to reflect the new movie’s different look. Slightly different look. Gotta sell those toys!

The MSRP is about $50.

The second figure in September is Captain Phasma.

I hear ya, I really do. But this time around she comes with extra weapons!

And a shiny chrome paint job!

She’ll (sorry, spoiler) run you about $58.

Roll into October and we start seeing some new stuff, like the First Order Stromtrooper Executioner!

Haha, gotcha! The weapons do look cool but some black paint on the shoulders and helmet aren’t really twangin’ my guitar.

He’ll set you back about $50.

NOW here’s the new stuff. How about some Praetorian Guard action? The double bladed kind?

You’ll see some of these weapons crossover with the other Praetorian Guards further down, but this version likes to feel steel in both hands.

The first Guard will run you about $50.

November. Ah, November. This month brings yet another Praetorian guard, but it is a different look to the helmet. And another specialty weapon.

Sure, the body is reuse, which accounts for the $50 price, but changing the helmet does a lot for the look. I feel like I need each one. Mission accomplished, Disney. Ya got me.

This guard likes a little reach so he opts for a bladed spear.

Also in Novemeber: Kylo Ren in his new The Last Jedi look.

At least this time around they are giving us the helmet and unmasked head right off the bat. Makes me almost glad I skipped the exclusive. Plus I like the look of the tunic here. More streamlined.

Kylo is slightly higher at around $55.

And finally, December. This month brings another Praetorian, again with a new helmet but not necessarily a new weapon.

The whip comes with the other two guards so it’s not a huge draw, but I’m liking the look of the helmet most. Of course…

Like the other two, this one is priced at around $50.

And then there is Rey. How long have we waited for a S.H. Figuarts Rey? And her new gear is nice, so I’m okay with the time it took to get around to her.

She’s no slouch in the accessory department either. And an alternate angry head. And darker clothes. SITH LADY!

The price here bounces back up to $55 but again, dedicated one-off sculpt.

It looks as if all of these go up for pre-order Sept. 1st, so while the US is out at various brick and mortar shops, these will be popping up online. Phones ready, my friends.

But wait, that’s not all…

If you order both figures each month you get a gift of a BB unit. I have no clue how this works or if it’s available at every online store, but it makes me want even the troopers. More info on this as we figure out what the hell is going on here.

And don’t ask me why BB-8 doesn’t come with Rey in December. MAybe because he JOINS KYLO IN HIS QUEST TO THE LIGHT SIDE!