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SDCC 2017: Tamashii Nations Booth

For the last two years the Tamashii Nations booth won the show for me with the reveals of the spectacular Bruce Lee figures from S.H. Figuarts, so I was a little bummed that there wasn’t a new Bruce for this year. There was still a lot of good stuff to see, so click through for some pics and thoughts about the Tamashii Nations Booth.

First off, I think Tamashii Nations did something pretty brilliant with their booth this year in that they had figures out for people to play with and pose. I got to play with some Street Fighters and Deadshot and really enjoyed the figures a lot and ended up buying the Deadshot. I was going to skip the Figuarts Street Fighter figures but both Chun Li and Ryu were a ton of fun in hand. I think they made quite a few sales to just me with this display.

As you would expect, they had a ton of the Figuarts Dragon Ball figures on display. I have to admit that I’m completely ignorant about this line, but I find this display really intriguing. Robo was explaining to me the story and it sounds totally bonkers and fun. I think I might have to buy the Anubis guy just because of that yawning head sculpt.

They also had a massive carousel of figures from Monsterarts, Sailor Moon, Digimon and Naruto. It was an efficient way to show off a ton of figures, though a bit of a pain to photograph. I don’t follow these lines, but Mothra jumped out at me as particularly cool. I also like how the Naruto Figuarts guys have these crossed arms pieces for that classic pose.

The superheroes were looking pretty good. The Justice League figures looked a little unfinished, yet miles ahead of what I saw at Mattel. They almost make me like that new Flash costume with it’s overly busy lines.

The Street Fighter Akuma and R. Mika were two nice surprises and Akuma is especially cool because he looks totally classic. The one two punch of playing with Ryu and seeing the new reveals is really making me want to jump on this line.

Tamashii also had these neat die cast larger scale figures. I handled the R2 and he’s a solid chunk of metal with some nice electronics. I’m pretty sure you could kill somebody with him if you wanted.

The new mechs from Pacific Rim 2 were also on hand.

Finally they had a case full of the Movie Realization figures including a new Shadow Trooper. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist these figures for much longer and I cannot wait to see them start in on the Rebels with Admiral Ackbar.