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SDCC 2017: Mattel Booth

Mattel’s Booth at SDCC this year is dominated by a gigantic Batmobile. It’s a huge crowd draw, which made looking at any of the figures on display fairly tough when I visited. Check out some pics from Mattel’s Justice League and Wrestling lines!

The Mattel booth is so weird to me now. It used to be the center of my attention at this show with the DCUC and MOTUC displays, but now I almost forgot to visit. It’s a little sad for me, personally. They did have a really neat wall of wrestler figures that reached into the sky. I also really like their diorama displaying their zombie figures. That thing was beautifully made. Is it weird that the item that most interested me in the whole booth were the pair of 1/12 scale desk chairs?

They also had some Justice League figures on hand. They had the Multiverse figures in one case and two other cheaper looking toys in two other cases. The Multiverse Justice League looks fairly decent, though admittedly I’m not a fan of any of these designs. Mera and Khal Aquaman were probably the winners in this set for me.

Overall it’s been a kind of blah showing for me so far.

21 thoughts on “SDCC 2017: Mattel Booth

  1. You could not be more right, Ron. Hasbro product sells itself due to the level of quality, proper promotion and correct customer service; There is no competition. Well, not anymore.. In the beginning DCUC started strong as a counterpart to Marvel Legends,but then indolent cavalier marketing decisions on behalf of the brand analyst just slowly poisoned the line and the ill customer service of the online store called Matty collector issued in the death warrant for any continuation of DCUC as an equal for HML.
    Personally I’ve only had two issues with Matty during the “Club Infinte Earths”sub,(unlike the countless other horror stories other fans have experienced)yet not any issues with Hasbro toyshop. Not a one.
    Again; There is no competition.
    Mattel tries. The recent effort to mimic the Hasbro formula of mixing film/tv and comic figures hasn’t rendered the same results as one would hope.
    If Mattel would just take it back to DCUC level and promote ALL media iterations of their figures…
    One Love
    Bless ☝

  2. The good outweighs the “bad”. Like Ron I kept my figures also. Fact is we may NEVER see alot of those characters again as action figures except maybe as customs.
    D.C. direct/D.C. collectibles does cover many underground rare characters. Yet, even they had not made certain choices that Mattel produced at 6″ scale:
    Apache Chief
    Killer Moth
    Rex Mason
    Gentleman Ghost
    Commander Steel
    Golden Pharaoh
    Just to name a few–
    Therefore, I will patiently wait and see what Mattel and Dcc makes next to add to the existing library of figures…
    One Love
    Bless ☝

  3. Sorry to hear that capt. Hawkman is a peg warmer and I see that Joker everywhere often.
    The only rare ones by MY experience,and I work stock crew for ToysRus, are Gordon-Batman and Zoom

  4. only thing i’ve seen from the King Shark wave is the TRU damien wayne and the TV/CW Hawkman and Miller Joker once!. i haven’t seen any of the other figures.

  5. THEY walked away first,sir…and stumbled supine into the gutter and died a slow death.
    One Love
    Bless ☝

  6. If Mattel doesn’t want to improve the articulation and engineering on the Multiverse line, they really need to ease back on the price tag. With everything Legends and Black Series are doing now, there’s no excuse.

  7. Figuarts has some promising looking movie figures. Mezco is supposedly doing the full DCEU Justice League as well and Aquaman was shown here recently.

  8. Saw Justice League movie figures in a Target today. Three Batman to a case, apparently.

  9. Yeah, I’m with you, Ron… Mattel has almost driven a stake into the best line ever…DCUC. A real shame they blew up that line. I’m walking away…

  10. Yeah, well Mattel knows how to ruin the fun in collecting. I got rid of my MOTUC collection shortly after the Blastic stuff happened as I got tired of their bullshit. And then I got rid of my DCUC collection thinking Icons was going to replace it since Mattel up and abandoned the line.

  11. I’m assuming the green thing with wings is a parademom? I definitely want mera…the rest however are easy passes to me.

  12. I hear you. While I do dig WWE and pick up some figures (like the zombies and Mutants) every now and then, Mattel has definitely lost the momentum they had going for them in so many ways. I cannot believe they’re not promoting the Multiverse line more heavily (other than the Justice League line which still seems admittedly pretty weak for a Justice League movie line). I know they don’t have a DC panel this year, which is really odd.

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