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Mattel: WWE Elite Warlord

Warlord WWE Elite featured image

Warlord WWE Elite featured image

Warlord probably wasn’t on a lot of WWE collectors’ Top 50 lists. Given a preference, I’d much rather have gotten Warlord and his pal The Barbarian in their “Powers of Pain” attire. Solo Warlord had an amazingly short run in the WWF, lasting just a few months before being phased out entirely. But the beauty of Mattel’s Flashback series is we can celebrate the random dudes just as much as the A-listers. Mattel has made it to series 50 of its Elite line, and Warlord made the cut for this prestigious wave. In a perfect world this would have been the slot for a Hollywood Hogan or Owen Hart, but I suppose Warlord will have to do. And as nondescript as Warlord’s singles career was, he sure does make for a pretty cool action figure.

It’s about that time for Mattel to update the Elite packaging. The setup now feels dated in part because unlike Marvel Legends, Mattel is constantly changing the Elite package. I definitely would prefer the Flashbacks have at the very least a gold backdrop to distinguish them from the regular line. Since poor Warlord didn’t win any titles during his WWF stint, his bio looks real underwhelming.

I love the head sculpt. Typically the open mouth expressions are real hit or miss, but I don’t know how Mattel could have done this any better. This scowl is exactly how I picture the guy. And for once, the package portrait is almost an exact match for the figure.Warlord WWE Elite ring gear on

Mattel gave Warlord the Brock Lesnar body. That’s definitely the best fit for him as he was broad like a brick wall and this is Mattel’s thickest normal body option. At 6 feet 5 inches, Warlord wasn’t an Undertaker-size giant, but he was more imposing than, say, a Bret Hart, and the figure reflects that height.

Warlord WWE Elite with Bulldog, Hitman and Texas TornadoPaint-wise, this outfit wasn’t the most challenging. The trouble was that pesky white lightning bleeding through on the trunks and knee pads. Mattel has often had problems getting the right shade of blonde, but it’s done well on Warlord’s goatee.

Warlord WWE Elite flexing

The Lesnar body is great for power moves as it’s got the center of balance to hold them longer than some other bodies. Warlord wasn’t a guy who was going to do a lot of quick strikes and flips so while the arms don’t rest flat against the sides fully, there’s not a lot of his repertoire you can’t accomplish. One exception is the full nelson, which is one of the moves no Elite figure can manage.

Warlord was posed in the package holding his scepter, which, not shockingly, warped it. Eventually I’ll give it the hot water treatment to get it straight again. I think I’m more annoyed with the prominent “China” placement. Warlord WWE Elite specter close up

I give Mattel grief sometimes for skimping on the accessories, but Warlord comes fully stacked. His “Phantom of the Opera” mask looks great and fits perfectly, actually lining up correctly with the eye slot. Thanks to the snug fit, you won’t have to worry about it sliding off whenever you move his head.

Warlord WWE Elite side shot

The shoulder pads also fit well. The chain got warped thanks to the packaging, but it’s a minor problem. I really dig the huge silver belt. Warlord’s outfit is kind of all over the place as little of it makes me think “Warlord,” but for some reason, this goofy combination works.

I hunted this guy down big time to try and take advantage of Toys R Us’ Elite sale. They were $16 then, which is a steal for Elite figures. I’m betting Warlord will eventually be cheaper around Black Friday time. For those of us with poor impulse control, this price was fine.

Warlord WWE Elite stomping Hitman

You can find Warlord at the usual spots: Toys R Us and Walmart. Target has been slow lately on getting newer waves in since Elite 48. Hopefully they’ll catch up soon.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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6 thoughts on “Mattel: WWE Elite Warlord

  1. I wish Mattel would do paint wash applications on these… Thankfully I am artistically inclined and do brush treatments on them… They usually look so flat.

  2. This is a cool figure, it is such a shame that we will likely not be in for a PoP version or any Barbarian any time soon.

    My nitpick is the boots, though. I think the LoD Animal boots would have made a lot more sense here.

  3. This is one of the better Mattel figures, using the Brock buck was the right call. However I had to switch his hands out for meatier paws that come with Tugboat/Typhoon/ShockMaster because, tiny hands! And I gave him more defined calves, what he came with looked too skinny.

  4. Love this figure. And yes, between him and Kampala we absolutely need a Harvey Wippleman!

  5. Now if we can just get that Doctor Harvey Wippleman figure.

    Although, as my girlfriend asked in one of those simple-question-obliterates-flimsy-wrestling-logic moments: “why does a warlord have a doctor?”

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