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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Battle For Asgard SDCC 2017 Exclusive

Whew! Are you still recovering from the hustle, bustle, and information overload of Comic Con? Yeah, me too. However, I wanted to get this out as soon as possible because the Marvel Legends exclusive to SDCC 2017 is a LOT of fun.

If you have not seen the new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, I suggest you go right now. It’s okay, I will wait. It looks absolutely insane, doesn’t it? Like, amazingly cool, right? I personally cannot wait for this and I am really looking forward to seeing the fallout of this movie and how it affects the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we brace for Avengers: Infinity War next year.

So, it makes perfect sense that Hasbro would time their SDCC exclusive around Thor and his movie, and they put together a fun five-pack dubbed the “Battle for Asgard.” I have to admit, it is thrill to see Thor supported for an SDCC item, so this was on my must-buy list, and I am thankful for my two guardian Asgardians who helped me get in line.

Normally, these photos would be accompanied by a more extensive write-up, but in the interest of time, and the fact that I am still in con recovery mode, I am going to keep the words short. I would have been in this for Ulik alone, but the other figures turned out great as well, so here are some pictures of everyone. Please note that if you did not get to attend the con, or have a mule in place, this set will be available in limited quantities on the Hasbro Toyshop site on August 14th. So be there with your F5 button polished and primed.

Oh, and you will notice I don’t have any carded pictures of this set. While the packaging was awesome, I had to lug this thing home from San Diego, so I had to open the set before the trip back home.


Jane has held the Thor mantle (does she still) since her title debuted a few years ago, and this has been a pretty in-demand figure. Jane is one of two figures in the set that will also have a figure in the upcoming Thor Legends wave, albeit with a different deco. There is a good amount of new parts here, and while the detailing is mostly sculpted, there are some painted portions as well. This is mostly set apart by the “powered-up” eyes and Mjolnir, the latter of which is especially awesome.


Here is the guy you know as the original Thor, but judging by his metal arm and haggard appearance, I would say he has been through some s#!%. Like Jane, this figure will be mostly available in the ML Thor wave, but instead of just paint change, he will also have a normal, non-metal arm. Of all of the figures in this set, I have to say that this one does the least for me, but you cannot really have a Thor set without the OG Odinson. That is not to say it is not a good figure, but for me, the rest of the figures are more exciting.


So, while I find it strange that the All Father can have a father of his own, Bor makes his ML debut in badass fashion. A more recent addition to the Thor mythos, Bor is actually the father of Odin, brought to the present to run amok with all of the strange and modern things in the Marvel Universe. However, even if you know nothing about the character, this figure is a total ass-kicking viking-esque dude who can fit into many different toy lines. He is HUGE and built to rumble in old-timey fashion, so I kind of love him. I just wish Robo would not have pointed out that his armor looks like a pinecone, because now I cannot unsee it.


Poor Thor, for so long in ML he has not really had many (if any) of his own villains to fight in your play combat. Well, this set does a great job of getting two classic villains in one shot, and the sinister elf Malekith has been long-demanded. Malekith is certainly one of Thor’s most iconic foes, and his character design makes him very unique and eye-catching in figure form. I *could* grumble about the fact that he might be on a base body that is a bit too buff for my memory or classic Malekith, but maybe some books in the past few years have jacked him up a bit.


This beautiful specimen was worth the price of admission for me in this set, and he was probably my most wanted exclusive figure of the entire 2017 show. Ulik is by far and away one of, if not my overall, favorite Thor villain. Everything about Ulik is everything I enjoy most about Jack Kirby, and the fact that I now have a giant troll in my ML collection is everything. This figure is a BEAST and I love him with all of my heart. This is a good set in that there is something for many types of Thor fans, but Ulik … Ulik is definitely for me.

So there you have it, while you will be able to get a different deco of Thor and Odinson in the actual Ragnarok Legends wave (with Planet/Gladiator Hulk Build-a-Figure), the best figures (in my opinion) are exclusive to this set, so it is certainly essential. Getting Ulik in ML was way beyond my wildest dreams a few years ago, but here we are. He is definitely the standout for me, but I have a feeling Malekith will be the draw for a lot of people, and it doesn’t hurt that Bor is such a bad ass figure. VERILY!


20 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Battle For Asgard SDCC 2017 Exclusive

  1. Ragnarok looks pretty lame to me. The MCU is ignoring supporting casts and civilians in favor of more and more team-ups and crossovers. There’s a reason Marvel Team-Up was cancelled and Spidey’s solo titles stayed around. Comic fans want depth of character, not just superficial action stories. The sense that Ragnarok is the “end of the universe” doesn’t come across in the trailer at all. The tone feels light and jokey, as opposed to the Justice League trailer where the villain seems truly threatening and apocalyptic. And the movie has the MCU repeating itself. “We’re putting together a team” and recruiting Loki from jail to work with the good guys yet again. I’ve seen more and more people expressing happiness that X-Men is not in the hands of the MCU this year and this trailer shows us why.

  2. This time they specifically said 8/14 in their press release about then being available after the con.

  3. Bor needed an alternate “frothing at the mouth” head for [UNSOLICITED OPINIONS ON HASBRO???] needs.

  4. Is August 14th a firm release date for this set? Or more of a “about 3 weeks after the con” sort of thing?
    I’ve never known Hasbro to give a clear release date on their SDCC exclusives.

  5. Definitely my second favorite in the set. Even if you don’t know the character, he works in so many spaces.

  6. Bor’s rampage after Thor’s return from the dead during Secret Invasion was awesome. He is the best of the set in my opinion.

  7. man i wasn’t really paying attention to this when the promo materials were released but that Ulik !!!! ahhhhh i didn’t know that Bor would look so brutal damn

  8. I’ve been able to order one of these through my local collectibles place, thank god, because as soon as it was announced I desperately wanted it. Aside from Ulik every one of these figures is high on my want list, FosterThor being #1. Ulik less so but still desirable. Glad they all look so fantastic too. Is it me or does this version of Thor look more metallic than her single packed version?
    I was going to go thorugh figure by figure but it was basically me saying each is perfect, because they are. I can’t remember being this into an SDCC exclusive.

  9. Totally. Aarons has been doing great work for years, and The Mighty Thor is one of Marvels best titles right now in my opinion (also one of their best performing so I’m not the only one who thinks so lol). So glad we finally have Thor and Odinson figures, and Malekith! I really want to see Volstagg and Freyja, more Asgardians please Hasbro.

  10. Damn it. I wanted to be ‘That guy’. All well. Yeah, it was Malekith. Thor had become Unworthy a few weeks or so prior, and didn’t do anything but mourn the loss of his worthy-ness. Then Malekith started messing up crap on Midgard, so Thor thought – “This would be a good time to do something reckless and stupid.” – And went ahead and decided to let off some steam at Malekith. He lost his arm because of it. It was kind of foretold that this was to be his fate, given old Thor from the God Butcher/Bomb stories had the same metal arm. He’s also apparently meant to become a Guardian of the Galaxy at some point. That’ll be interesting to see. But seriously, Jason Aaron’s Thor run has been consistently great since it’s inception in 2012. Five years of awesome.

  11. Ohhhh Hairy Chested Blonde Dude! Jesus, I am being pervy with a piece of plastic!

  12. It seems a strange choice to make Unworthy Thor the SDCC exclusive and include young Thor in the mass retail wave. You’d think more people would want a chance at Odinson as he is more directly related to Jane Foster Thor.

    I broke down and bought Malekith off eBay in case I am unable to get the whole set. Seeing his figure makes me disappointed how the dark elves looked in Thor: The Dark World.

  13. …I’m gonna be ‘That guy”
    First off, yes Jane Foster is still Thor. And Malaketh looks like he has in the Thor books for awhile now, where is is kind of the main villain.
    The Odinson figure is sort of a different figure to the one on the single card. This is Thor AFTER he has become unworthy to weild Mjolnir. Hr lost his arm (To malaketh I think) right afterwards, and has had ir replaced by an enchanted Uru metal arm. He weilds the Godkiller axe Jarnborn.
    The single card figure is Young Thor, the Thor of Vikinjg times. He still wields the same axe, but this is before he was EVER worthy to wield Mjolnir. He appears this way in the ‘Godkiller’ story from the Thor: God of Thunder” book, and will go great on the shelf with the Thor and Old Thor from the Odin wave awhile back.

    Read Jason Aarons Thor, kids. its a fantastic series.

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