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SDCC 2017 Hopes: Hasbro Black Series

Now that it’s June, SDCC is just a over a month away and this toy collector’s thoughts turn toward Hasbro Black Series reveals. I don’t anticipate seeing many new announcements at SDCC due to advance planning and secrecy surrounding Force Friday II and The Last Jedi, but I’m hoping to see a few things related to the six inch scaled Black Series line!

Here’s what I’m hoping to see:

10. What’s up with Hera?!

Hera was one of my favorite reveals from the 2016 SDCC reveals and the prototype looked almost perfect to my eyes (the knee joint seemed placed a little low, but I was going to let that pass) so it’s really disheartening that she got delayed for vaguely mentioned “improvements”. I’m a little sad opening my Lando wave knowing that she was supposed to be there too. I’m hoping Hasbro will show off the improved Hera and have some solid information on a release date. If the improvement they made was including a Chopper figure with her, I might have to buy the Hasbro team a couple rounds.

9. More Vehicles/creatures

Like I said, I’m not expecting many reveals, but the recent celebration reveal of Luke and Rey’s speeders has me jonesing for some more vehicles or creatures. A Dewback would fit the 40th Anniversary theme well. I’d also love a Snow Speeder from Empire.

8. Paint Improvements

I think we can all agree that one of the failings of Black Series has been in the paint department. The recent Guardians of the Galaxy wave from Marvel Legends showed off a couple of newer techniques that improved the overall paint on the eyes and faces of characters like Mantis, Star Lord and Gamora. I’d like to see Hasbro announce that they are going to be incorporating some paint improvements going forward.

7. A The Last Jedi tease

Yes, the Thrawn exclusive and the speeder are amazing and have me drooling with anticipation, but I would love to see an Episode VIII teaser figure in the vein of 2016s Jyn Erso or the 2015 FO Stormtrooper. Maybe finally get us that Old Man Luke figure or a General Organna!

6. Victory Celebration Luke

Now I’m really getting into wish list territory, but the one Luke figure I really want from Hasbro other than Old Man Luke is the yellow jacket Luke from the award ceremony at the end of Star Wars. It’s been used a lot lately in the tie-in material and each comic I read makes me want a figure of that Luke more.

7. Bodhi Rook

I know Rogue One hype is over and fans are moving on to episode VIII, but I really need a Bodhi to finish off my Rogue One crew. The guy was essential as basically the MacGuffin for the first half of the movie and really showed a lot of heart once he snapped out of the Bor Gullet spell.

6. Saw Gerrera

Speaking of Bor Gullet, I also really want a Saw Gerrera figure. I know a lot of folks took issue with the character, but I was fully sold on the guy from “LIES, DECEPTIONS!”. I love that they brought him in from the Clone Wars cartoon and have been seeding him into Rebels and really telling some interesting stories about Saw and the early rebellion in Rogue One tie-in material. Plus, it’s Forrest F’n Whitaker and I feel like that armor design could be a cool toy.

5. Clone Wars

Speaking of Saw Gerrera and the Clone Wars, I want to see Hasbro make a Clone Wars specific character. Somebody like Assaj Ventress, the commando droids, or Captain Rex in the more realistic Black Series style would be much appreciated. The main antagonists in the Clone Wars, Count Dooku and General Grievous would not go amiss either. I’d also take any variations on the battle droid.

4. Jabba’s Crew

Jabba is not getting a lot of work done without his major domo or Gamorrean Guards to mete out beat-downs. He needs a group of thugs to get things done and right now he’s just got a Fett with the wrong colors and a hard to find Salacious Crumb. Give me Bib Fortuna, a Gamorrean, or a Weequay please!

3. ESB Bounty Hunters

Hasbro, you’re killing me with these. I had a hope for Dengar that was dashed by a fan vote, so my need for Dengar, 4-LOM and Zuckuss is strong.

2. Ewoks

They are much maligned, but I love these vicious little bear-people and their time has come in the Black Series. When I was a kid in the ’80s we all loved the Ewoks. We built Ewok villages in sandboxes and Ewok gliders out of pipe cleaners and had all sorts of wholesome adventures with the original Kenner figures. I’m not sure what happened to fandom in the intervening years where the Ewoks were sort of disavowed, but I still enjoy their low-tech cute/scary aesthetic. Wicket seems almost conspicuous in his absence at this point.

1. Finish the Rebels Team!

Chopper, Ezra Bridger and Zeb are all we need to finish this team. Along with Hera news I really want to see another Rebel in this format. The Black Series figures are easily the best Rebels merchandise out there and the figures tend to turn out great. The show is ending this year, so I want Hasbro to strike soon! Bonus points if they make Kallus, The Grand Inquisitor or the Seventh Sister.

Well that’s my list, unrealistic as it may be, what are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments below or on our forum!

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