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Entertainment Earth: One:12 Collective Glow In The Dark Space Ghost

Whether you grew up with Space Ghost in his more traditional superhero persona, or as Tad Ghostal, the host of the amazing Space Ghost: Coast to Coast Adult Swim staple, he is back in a BIG way thanks to Mezco and Entertainment Earth, and we have a look at the new One:12 Collective glow-in-the-dark exclusive.

The One:12 Collective line has been trucking along at breakneck speed for a while now, and even though we have some very dedicated contributors covering many of the figures, even we cannot keep up with all of them. These figures really do occupy a unique place in the 1:12 scale action figure universe, and while I know the traditional superheroes have gotten the most press, I am more a fan of the oddball and one-off figures they have offered. Yeah, I know, Space Ghost is traditionally a superhero, but for me, he has been more of a desk jockey talk show host, so he really satisfied that off-kilter space in my collection. It has been a LONG time since a company has offered a good Space Ghost figure, so Mezco’s timing is perfect, and for many, this will likely be the last Tad figure they will need.

Well, likely the last Space Ghost figures (as in plural) that they will need. See, this version is actually the Entertainment Earth exclusive, and, as it boasts above, it has the unique glow-in-the-dark feature; there is a standard version as well, and we will be covering that figure very soon. However, since our friends at EE were kind enough to get this figure out to us lickety-split, we are going in an “exclusive first” order. In terms of content, I believe both versions are the same (save for the alternate head in the standard edition), but the execution on the figure and accessories is definitely different from this Entertainment Earth piece, compared to the standard.

To start, let’s take a look at the official production description and content listing from the Entertainment Earth site:

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Mezco’s Space Ghost Glow-in-the-Dark One:12 Collective Action Figure – Entertainment Earth Exclusive features over 32 articulation points, intricate sculptural work, incredible costume detailing, and tons of accessories for an iconic classic vision with a real-world look. But that’s not all. Space Ghost comes with his trusted companion, Blip the monkey, who also boasts an exceptionally realistic sculpt and more than 10 points of articulation. Perhaps best of all, this exclusive version of Space Ghost actually glows in the dark! Whether you’re a fan of the classic 1960s cartoon or Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, or you know him as Thaddeus “Tad” Ghostal or Thaddeus Bach, this Space Ghost Glow-in-the-Dark One:12 Collective Action Figure is a must for your collection. Figure is in 1:12 scale. Blip the Monkey and ray accessories are translucent and also glow in the dark. 

  • Exclusive Space Ghost action figure glows in the dark!
  • The intergalactic crime-fighter comes with Blip the monkey!
  • Features interchangeable hands, 32 points of articulation, and incredible costume detailing.
  • Includes Force Ray, Freeze Ray, Destroyer Ray, and Magna Ray accessories.

– Blip the monkey
– Fists (L & R)
– Flying hands (L & R)
– Power Band button-pushing hands (L & R)
– Posing hands (L & R)
– Force Ray hands (L & R)
– Freeze Ray accessory (fits over hand)
– Destroyer Ray accessory (fits over hand)
– Magna Ray accessories (fit over L&R hands)
– Display base with posing post

Patrolling the known galaxies in his ship, the Phantom Cruiser, intergalactic crime-fighter Space Ghost uses his Power Bands and Teleportation Belt to deploy righteous justice across the cosmos!

To me, the One:12 Collective line stands out for two main reasons: the very high production quality, and for the fact that the line can actually get me to be okay with, and even like, cloth on action figures at this scale. I still stand by my belief that, 90 percent of the time, soft goods look TERRIBLE and out of scale for 6-inch action figures, but Mezco has painstakingly refined their production methods to make the look natural within this smaller form. Sure, the fibers and folds and wrinkles will never be able to actually be in scale to the figure (unless new technology pops up), but the crew at Mezco has been baffling us with their goods for a few years now, and there is no sign of slowing down.

Space Ghost is no exception when it comes to the production quality and impressive materials used in his construction. Due to his cowl, the head sculpt does not get as many details to it like with, say, Captain Marvel, but the LIKENESS to Space Ghost is most certainly there and is accomplished beautifully. The actual figure appears to be one of the standard super-articulated male bases from Mezco’s library (it is tough for me to tell with the costume). That is to say that the functionality and the range of movement of the joints is very impressive (especially since they are all covered in fabric), but I don’t believe Mezco had to do anything unique to facilitate something with Space Ghost, so if you are familiar with their bases, you should know what to expect here.

Now, Space Ghost certainly does not have the most intricate costume of the characters Mezco has produced in this line, but his costume captures everything needed well, and it is oh so clean. The white portion is formfitting, which is so important in a superhero costume, and I love how the cape is actually posable. I am glad they went the sculpted route with the bracers and the chest logo because they both really pop with the change in materials. There is a cool stitch pattern in the fabric that adds an extra level of detail to the costume and really comes through with the glowing feature. Now, the main distinction of this figure is that is glows in the dark, and I always set myself up for lower expectations when it comes to how vivid and bright a glow feature is in cloth over plastic, but man, you can use this figure to light the way in even the worst black out, it is really impressive.

Also taking part in the glow feature are all of the accessories (save for the standard logo stand), and I am going to stand by my assertion from when I originally saw the standard version of this figure: these might be the best accessories Mezco has done yet. In terms of power blasts and effects, the sculpts on these are absolutely insane, and that is even before you get to all of the different hands, and freakin’ BLIP. Yeah, you get an entire monkey sidekick with this figure. Try beating that. My obvious concern with the blast effects was whether or not SG’s joints would be strong enough to support their weight naturally, but boy, they sure are, and action posing this guy is just a ton of fun. I kind of wish that the effects retained some hint of the original colors just to offset them from each other, but I know this route was taken to highlight the glowing effect.

Blip is, of course, on his own, a fantastic figure in his own right and probably enjoys the most intricate sculpting of the entire set. Mezco took the realistic approach here (a la Alex Ross), but it fits the upscale feel better. They have forgone the cloth on him, likely due to cost and even greater scale challenges on his small frame, but that does not take anything away from him or make him any less “One:12 Collective” because the style is definitely still there. However, if you were to twist my arm and make me state what my least favorite part of this set is, it would be him. The reason is the same as the monochromatic scheme in the effects—your eye just loses a lot of the detail enhanced by the standard paint job. That is a small nitpick, and it just means that if I already wasn’t doing it, Blip is worth getting the standard SG version, too.

Mezco continues to kill it with the One:12 Collective line, and Space Ghost makes for a cool addition to the ranks. This exclusive glow-in-the-dark figure adds a unique spin to the character, so it makes for a neat exclusive variation on the standard figure.

So what are you waiting for? Head over the Entertainment Earth to grab your exclusive Space Ghost before he phases out forever!