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ToyBiz: Marvel Legends Young Avengers Box Set Hulkling

I love the concept of a Hulk Jr., and Hulkling represents that in a big way. While his past was a bit of a mystery, Hulking represented a Hulk Jr. in the Marvel Universe.

… until Skaar came along and then Banner de-Hulked everyone, that is. Luckily for Hulkling, he couldn’t be depowered. Why? Well, he’s not really a member of the Hulk family. Teddy Altman is really a Kree/Skrull hybrid and heir to the throne of the universe, or something crazy like that. So, not a Hulk, not a member of team science, rather a member of team cosmic. And he’s Wiccan’s boyfriend. Okay, quick history — long time ago during one of the many Kree Skrull wars, the Avengers were kidnapped by the Super Skrull. Captain Mar-Vell managed to get it on with the princess of the Skrull king and they made a beautiful baby, the shape-shifting Hulkling. Hulkling is still around and current in the Marvel Universe, and he continues to be a character of not-tapped-enough potential.

The toy, on the other hand, has been tapped quite a bit. This figure became a heavily reused base figure for a number of characters, Crossbones (x2), the Wrecking Crew, and Warpath. It’s an okay base figure; it has some serious size and it definitely looks like Hulkling. However, the legs are all over the place. I don’t remember what the original prototype looked like, but this figure’s legs look all kinds of off. They are super long compared to the upper body, the feet are ginormous, and the transition from thigh to ball hip is not smooth — at all. I really want to love this figure, and I get that the goofy looking legs give him a “teen” look, but it just does not pop for me.

The articulation, however, does pop. It’s that gold standard that ToyBiz was really good about incorporating into all their figures and of all the joints only one needed improvement. The ab joint, maybe mine is stuck, but there’s not a lot of movement in the joint. It would be great to have a full range to get some serious Hulked-out poses.

The figure includes a base. That is all. Nothing more. Nothing less. And as mentioned, it’s a base.

Right. Are you ready? Are you sure? “Pabs, what’s the final verdict?” Buy it. Even though I’m being hard on the legs, and they aren’t world-endingly awful, this is a good, solid figure. Hulkling is still a relevant character, a current character, and has ongoing story lines in the Marvel Universe. As a figure, this is a good, solid figure. As a character, this is a relevant character. He’s a must have. And you can still pick him up:


18 thoughts on “ToyBiz: Marvel Legends Young Avengers Box Set Hulkling

  1. I would be all over any update, but Wiccan and Hulkling still stand as two of my all time favorite Marvel Legends. I just love them to death.

    That having been said, I would be all over an update to Patriot and filling out the rest of the team. I was always sad that the versions we got in this box set were based on the very early costumes, which changed only a few issues in.

  2. No, Teddy here was the original sculpt. Crossbones didn’t come out until Hasbro had taken over the line.

  3. Great, thank you…

    I follow comics, then I lose interest… Kinda hard to keep track… Thought the toys were cool…

  4. He and his boyfriend Wiccan have been pretty consistently gay for a while, as far as I can tell.

  5. It’s not one of TBs worst offerings, but it’s still a character I’d love to see Hasbro do properly soon. Along with Wiccan and America Chavez, give us a nice Young Avengers core.

  6. That’s totally it. Nothing to do with with being at work, or in bed, or in a completely different country. Nope, we totally support hate, as blatantly obvious within the article, the description of the site, and every other post by any of us anywhere. You figured us out. Whatever shall we do now.

  7. I’d imagine he posted that just to get a reaction. Unfortunately, ignoring him is unlikely to help him change his twisted world perspective.

  8. It’s been 6 hours. I guess Paul Wolf, Brian Rutherford, Adam Van Wickler, Nic Wood and the rest of TheFwoosh support hate speech. By allowing slurs to be posted at all and then refusing to delete slurs, I think it’s pretty clear TheFwoosh is endorsing those slurs.

  9. Always liked the design of this character… Still kicking myself that I didn’t buy this box set… When KB Toys was still in business… Their outlet store had tons of these for cheap….

  10. Wasn’t this character gay at some point… Finding kinda hard to keep track of the fluidity of the sexuality of the characters nowadays… They seem to change depending on what run they are in…. Just curious… Not being a troll or anything like that…

  11. Ahhh you know that he waved rainbow flags and stated he was pro gay on the GOP National convention… And plis… No Pence Conversion Therapy and bullshit bathroom ordinances as a rebuttal… He doesn’t mind Kaitlin Jenner uses the Lady’s room in his towers… I hear he’s also okay if they don’t flush….

  12. I thought Crossbones was by Hasbro, this was by Toybiz, so it preceded Crossbones?

  13. This post is really upsetting. I reported this a while back (before you guys posted replies), hopefully it gets removed. Its an incredibly offensive and homophobic comment; the problem clearly is not in the character/comic, it is in the reader. You need to face up to your problems with homosexuality, whatever the root cause. Its a crying shame that these days being liberal (tolerant) has become a derogatory term for so many.

  14. This figure actually was the 2nd use of that body, after the first Crossbones. That’s why he had the original crap legs that were fixed for the wrecking crew.

  15. He’s the fag Hulk. Can’t stand reading about him and his boyfriend in the comics. Sick.

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