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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Spider-Man: Homecoming Series Tombstone

Psst! Pssssst! Yeah, hey, I am not trying to tell you a secret or anything, but I was hoping you could read this entire article and hear a whispered voice in your head. Since we are talking about Tombstone, I figured we could allow for some super-villain empathy and see what it is like to only be able to whisper.

Are you still with me? Good, but let’s keep the volume down and keep going, okay? So, for a character that I have never been really over the moon about, the minute I saw Tombstone at Toy Fair this past February, I knew he was the one I wanted most of all from this new Homecoming Legends assortment. Sure, classic Beetle has been a priority for me for years, and that figure turned out great, but there was just something about the simple, grotesque beauty of this new Tombstone figure that really called to me. Plus, this figure helps build out the Marvel Universe, and we have never gotten Tombstone in Legends before.

Born Lonnie Lincoln (now you know why he goes by Tombstone) in Harlem, Tombstone faced a lifetime of bullying due to his albinism, and it eventually drove him to a life of mob enforcement. While he was naturally larger and stronger than most people, the bullying dynamic built into his storyline by Gerry Conway was very interesting, especially for the time, and it still resonated today that mental abuse can be stronger than anything physical. So, while it could be easy to dismiss the character as just another strongman, his story is quite interesting. So, sorry, Lonnie, I did not mean to poke fun at your name a few sentences back.

As I kid, I only had a passing association with Tombstone, and I have to admit that, due to his physical appearance and name, I was probably into my early twenties before I realized he wasn’t a vampire. I mean, I know he filed his teeth down to trick people into thinking just that, so he got me, too, but I am still a bit embarrassed by it. My favorite story of Tombstone (though I know he had more interesting adventures involving Spider-Man and Robbie Robertson) was when he fought Daredevil during a Hand assassination tournament. Since the whole “Urban Legends” crew fit well under the Spider-Man umbrella in Marvel Legends, I think he is a great choice for this series. Plus, you get a little *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge* seeing him released alongside the Beetle, as he is the father of the female version released last year.

Anyhow, this figure is not overly complex, but it is very well done. I have made it no secret that I believe Marvel Legends are on a run not seen before in terms of quality and characters, and Tombstone is keeping that trend alive and well. As you can see, he is a larger figure, which is appropriate for the character, and while he does not have a ton of costume details, he was afforded every he needs via reuse or new parts. While he has worn the standard mob-issed suit in the past, I find this all black biker look more iconic, and since he has that vampire look going for him, if fighting superheroes doesn’t work out, he can always go join the Lost Boys.

He has a new jacket and boot cuffs, which, in standard ML fashion, are simply put on over the arms and legs and are not glued. I don’t find this to be an issue with Tombstone (unlike Cyclops) as all of the pieces stay in place for the most part. Also, while you might not admire someone for doing so, you have to at least respect a guy with big enough stones to tuck his unbuttoned jacket into his pants while not wearing a shirt, so this figure has new chest pieces to help facilitate that. His studded belt hip piece is also new to help complete the look with the requisite popped collar to bring it all home. Yes, I would say Tombstone got a Legendary treatment indeed.

While all well and good, it all pales in comparison to the awesome work done with Tombstone’s likeness in the head sculpt. This figure NAILS old Lonnie’s look, and it is by far one of my favorite head sculpts in the line in a while. Marvel Legends are generally good all around in terms sculpting and quality, but some of the comic characters can dip a bit into generic territory from time to time. That is NOT the case here, and all of Tombstone’s distinct features are brought to the fore and embraced. He has a bit of the “crazy” eyes, and with his upturned nose and filed down teeth, I cannot imagine wanting anything more from a plastic likeness for Tombstone, so good on Hasbro and the Gentle Giant crew for knocking this one out.

Remember, kids, Tombstone is a part of the Spider-Man: Homecoming wave, so you know you will get a Vulture wing part with him, and he pays complement to the Beetle’s propeller with one of his own. Remember, you will need both pieces to complete movie Vulture’s flight rig. I said before I am not overly excited for his BAF concept, but I still eager to see how it all comes together when Robo gets all of the pieces.

Yes! Tombstone is a fantastic addition to the Spider-verse, and Marvel Legends stable in general. I am getting great upgrades to classic characters as well as new guys like Tombstone, so I am feeling quite spoiled with my Marvel collecting these days. Now, I got this figure on Amazon when the wave popped up temporarily last week, but I am betting they will start flooding the market this month, so be one the lookout, you will not want to miss Tombstone.