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Marvel Legends: Giant-Size My X-Men

Psst … hey, I have some top secret Marvel Legends intel for you, and this is the only place you are going to get the scoop.

Did you guys know that the X-Men are like, really, really popular in Marvel Legends right now? Well, let me tell you – they are! What is that like the worst kept secret out there right now? That is not some cool intel? Well, rats, sorry guys, I thought I was on to something here.

In all seriousness, though, it has been so refreshing to see X-characters featured in Marvel Legends again, and the praises being sung online show that I am not alone in having that feeling. While I know some of it might be due to the shiny and new feel of it all, there is no denying the popularity of the X-Men, and there are so many iconic eras and beloved characters, Hasbro really has a deep spring to tap, so long as Marvel remains cool with it all. That is why I think there is a lot of opportunity for different releases and some vendor exclusives (they are already getting into this with the Cyclops/Dark Phoenix pack). Even I am wanting to complete teams from multiple eras, including the Jim Lee/’90s looks, so since that roster alone will need to take up quite a bit of space, I think we need to continue to explore some options.

So, I don’t need to beat around the bush for a lead-in to this: we need a “Giant Size X-Men” box set. That issue is one of the most important and iconic single books in the history of the X-Men, and it is what really put the team on the map and started their rise to popularity that has not waned to this day. Characters introduced in this book endure as some of the most popular to this day, and the costumes also remain iconic for much of the fan base. Plus, if we put together a 5-pack, Hasbro is already working on the roster with the recently released Sunfire, and the aforementioned upcoming Cyclops, so there is a real opportunity here.

I set the pack at five because it has been done before, and, really, if we got a 5-pack containing the right characters and smart amount of reuse to build the figures, I think the set would be MASSIVELY successful. Get Toys R Us or Big Bad Toy Store or Entertainment Earth to take (if it has to be a retailer exclusive) and I KNOW it would be wildly successful. I promise. It would be awesome. For sure.

So, what characters should be in the set? Well, for the most part, it is probably be pretty obvious, but here they are anyway. There is not one character on this list that could not make HEAVY use of existing parts, so that general requirement can be met with the following roster; really, the toughest part is choosing the requisite “anchor” character, but that would a good tough choice to have. So, here they are:


You know what is cool about this set? I don’t have to come up with some lame excuse to shoehorn my favorite character into a hypothetical assortment. So, yes, Colossus is my favorite X-Person (along with Kitty), and YES, we just got a Colossus figure in the last X-Men assortment, but that does not make his inclusion any less required. First, I don’t think this set is even worth doing without Colossus: he made his debut in GSX #1, and he has been a popular stalwart on the team ever since. Plus, while the new ML Colossus is a great figure, it is fair to say that the costume choice was not preferred by the majority of the people I see commenting online, and THIS costume is definitely his most iconic, and it spanned several different iterations of X-titles, so this figure would be applicable in a number of places. Plus, this figure could borrow parts from the previous figure, so that is a tooling win.


No, he didn’t make his debut in Giant-Size #1, and no, this would not be a debut figure of the character in ML, but it is a figure that is needed. First, he fits the longtime X-Man requirement, and since his original ML figure was released in the very first Hasbro ML wave way, way back, I am willing to bet that even they are ready to admit it is time for a new figure. You have to face facts, too – Banshee would be a “nude” base figure, so take one of the skinnier male base bodies, slap a new head and “wings” on it, and it is done. Easy peasy, and ever so needed.


This is the only way Thunderbird will get done. I know, even though he was a member of this second X-Men genesis, he died on the second mission, and such a short run is generally detrimental to a character getting an action figure. HOWEVER, since he is needed for this incarnation, a box set is the perfect place to get him done, especially since his figure would require so little in terms of new stuff. Really, just grab the Sentry body, add a new head, belt, and sleeve and boot flair pieces, and he is done. Like I said, Thunderbird is not happening as a single-card release, so it would be fun to get a figure of him in a box set, so this is really his only option.


Okay, so this is the biggie. Really, there is no reason why Mr. Wagner here could not qualify for a single release in a Build-a-Figure series as he is extremely popular, very important in terms team/historical reference, and he has not had a figure since the ToyBiz days. I mean, I am positive that there are collectors out there that would buy a 5-pack with a Nightcrawler ML and four figures made of Easy Cheese (I am likely one of them), but since this would be referencing a “throwback” look for him (as iconic as it is), his inclusion in a set might make more sense than it seems on the surface. Now, I do admit that he would likely take more new tooling than anyone else in the set, but a head, hands, feet, tail, and new torso (or costume overlay) on the Speed Demon base would look sharp and bring Kurt into the modern era of Marvel Legends quite nicely. Plus, he is popular enough that Hasbro could still release a more modern costume as a single figure, so no worries there.

Okay, so four of the five down, so that brings us to the requisite “anchor” character. Well, it would be really easy to put Wolverine here, I know. He was a part of the GSX lineup, and nothing sells like Wolvie when it comes to Mutants. But really, I believe someone else might actually be more tempting for collectors …


OMG, you guys, can we FINALLY get this figure? Collectors have been clamoring for a “first appearance” Storm for as long as Marvel Legends has been a thing, and we have been so damned close before that it almost feels like a sick joke that this has not happened yet. It is time. I will say it again: it is time. This might very well be Storm’s best look ever, and, really, most of the parts are there. Like Nightcrawler, Storm can carry this whole set all on her own, and again, she is popular enough that she can still get a single release in one of her many other costumes. Plus, Marvel Legends female figures are by far the best they have ever been, and Storm definitely deserves a shot to get an iconic look across in plastic. We have been waiting so long for this, so c’mon, Hasbro. Make it so.

Okay, this was not rocket science, and it is actually almost too easy. To me, this pack makes so much sense, and I am positive it would be wildly popular. Yeah, we will still need Wolverine, but c’mon, we can get him in somewhere since he is Wolverine and all. Having these five join Cyclops and Sunfire would be an absolute joy, so it almost feels like this is required. Plus, who doesn’t want to recreate that iconic cover to Giant-Size X-Men #1?

What do you say? Yes? No? Sound off in the comments and let your voice be heard! Oh, and Hasbro, let’s do this.

29 thoughts on “Marvel Legends: Giant-Size My X-Men

  1. I love Banshee.
    I’m working on a custom that I hope Hasbro replicates.
    Morbious in green with a normal head and a screaming head.

  2. I’d be all for this, considering the 3.75″ MU Giant Size X-Men set was my gateway drug to collecting Marvel figures, and the All New X-Men retro pack was one of my first 6″ figures. Seems like easy pickins.

  3. I’d bet almost anything that this set happens but they swap out Banshee for Wolverine. AND still release that Wolverine as a solo figure. It’s not exactly unheard of for Hasbro to release multipacks including a character that has been released elsewhere so it seems like a given he’d be in this.

  4. Fair enough. The new Colossus is beautiful, but could really do with more articulation IMO.

  5. I’ve been collecting for awhile now and while this list seems to be great…..but we have all these figures other then Thunderbolt. I would really rather see them fill up some holes. Thunderbolt yes, but put in some X-Force people instead. Boom Boom, Feral, Maverick, Silver Fox, Azazel and as a build a Figure Nimrod. What about a Silver Samurai or say a Black King, there’s a long list of mutants that we still need.

  6. They’re definitely good for their time, and they even hold up today better than the majority of other ToyBiz figures, but they’re still not amazing by modern standards. While Nightcrawler doesn’t suffer quite as bad from weird proportions as Colossus does, both could definitely use updates to fit in better with modern Legends.

  7. Considering Thunderbird’s only 6’1″, the new Spider-UK body might be a good choice for him.

  8. I don’t think Hasbro would make a set with THIS many desired characters in classic costumes an SDCC exclusive. They might include a highly desired character or two in one, but never make the entire boxset this high-demand.

  9. I’m normally not one to jump onto the ‘We need this specific team in these specific costumes’ bandwagon, and I normally don’t care what era the costumes of my figures are from…

    That being said, we absolutely need these characters in these costumes, it’s too iconic not to get them, even if they’re all single cards

  10. I’d say Grim Reaper buck would work better for Thunderbird. since he’s thick but not too hulking.

  11. In terms of general overall bulk, The UK body is about the same size as Reaper, but aspects of it seem a bit more…lithe? I tend to view Thunderbird as a bit more agile. Reaper or UK would probably both work equally for him, and I’d put a new Warpath on the Sentry body since he’s bigger than his brother, but that’s my own prejudices.

  12. I don’t have the UK figure yet – is it bigger than Grim Reaper? That one just seems too small to me, but I might be off, so Sentry was like the next step up, even though it is probably a bit too big. But if UK is between, let’s go with that.

  13. No, no, you are 100% correct, I just totally spaced saying “use Namor’s collar” in the article, even though it was on the parts list I made before writing.

  14. Man! I would love to see that storm in Marvel Legends form… Unfortunately, I think we would just get her whole outfit “painted” on… I know Diamond Select did this version, but she was very stiff articulation wise…

  15. I agree with everything VeeBee said here except what was written about Banshee. Instead of using a nude base body, I’d like to see the inclusion of this collar. To me, it’s quintessential to Banshee!

  16. Make it an SDCC exclusive and watch Hasbro’s online store site completely meltdown and explode 5 minutes after they are made available to the public. LOL

  17. I would love it. I just got the new Colossus last week and a classic version at that size would be an absolutely perfect Colossus. Storm is beyond ridiculously late by now. I’d probably aim for the Spider U.K. body for Thunderbird I think, but otherwise anybody that wouldn’t by this set is a fool.

  18. Absolutely 100% yes. I might quibble with Thunderbird being on the Sentry body – maybe the Reaper base would be better for him, but even that isn’t perfect – but 100% yes. Hopefully the only way they DON’T do this set is as an SDCC exclusive, cause it’d be a shame to keep it out of anyone’s hands.

  19. I’d rather see them at retail (maybe a TRU set?) so my Starjammers can be the SDCC box set.

  20. make it a 6 figure set and throw in Wolverine in the Tiger Stripe costume.

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